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Johan Horak


We want to send about 1000 emails from one of our sheets. My problem is that formMule sends copies to the reply address as well. How can I stop formMule from sending to reply address when I activate the broadcast?

On Form Submit: I use VLookup on form submit. Obviously, the mail is sent on form submit but I get the VLOOKUP has not been complete and I get #NA

I am also using "copy down". I have now changed it to copy down formulas instead of value. This may assist but not sure.

Is there a way to delay the sent of the email by a few seconds?

My thinking is that the delay may give time to calculate and to VLOOKUP before the email is sent.

BTW: I cannot use Time Trigger. In general "Time Trigger" is not working on any of my forms. The only way to get Time Trigger email to send is to do it manually.

"Form Does Not Send Email On Submit*

I have a few forms.

Some of them continuously don't send emails on submit.

After a time delay I realise that there is no emails coming.

Only when I preview and send do I get these emails.

I switch triggers on off and on to see it this would help but it does not.

I hope you can assist.

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Cannot Access Edit Template or Preview

I can access Email merge utility but that's it.

As soon as I click save to go to templates...

I cannot edit templates or Preview as it it hangs

I have a lot of info and new submissions that became useless.

Any idea on how to fix this?

+Danieta Morgan


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Constantia Valley historical hub of SA wine, the closest wine experience only 18 km from Cape Town CBD #lovecapetown

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Scarborough beach is a quieter, cleaner, albeit colder,  the kids will have a blast exploring the rock pools

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I found a way to limit the impact of bounce rate on my site:

I came across a site using tools. And I thought it was pretty cool. I want the same.

I tried the social follow buttons and it works.

Later I tried the exit popup to see if I can capture more leads.

It was a very successful exercise.

All I need now is to do A/B split to get more conversions.

The image below shows the results after two days.



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FormMule hangs.

It does not open on one spreadsheet.

On another spreadsheet it works well.

I tried the faulty one on Chrome and Safari and the page never opens.

Is there anything I can try?

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