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Larissa Shmailo
poet, novelist, translator, editor, critic
poet, novelist, translator, editor, critic

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Medusa's Country now available!!!!!
Medusa's Country is now available at Amazon! Buy Medusa's Country

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The true face of America?
The true face of America - that is what Iran called Trump. There is no
love lost between our two nations (I am blessed with Iranian friends who
translate my work, so I mean the ruling politicals of Iran). But so:
Trump symbolizes the ugly American---a ma...

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Coming soon - Medusa's Country
Available soon from MadHat:

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It Ain't Over Yet: The Socialist Experiment at HOWL
Pete Dolack masterfully refutes Milton Friedman and the Chicago school of economics in this excerpt from his recent book. No, it ain't over yet! Learning from the Socialist experiment

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Reading my translations at exciting AWP Offsite

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Poems accepted for publication in RESIST MUCH / OBEY LITTLE: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance
Pleased that  my two poems, "Whorl's Eyelet Captured" and "Lager NYC" have been accepted for publication in Spuyten Duyvil's  RESIST MUCH / OBEY LITTLE: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance. Here's "Whorl's": Whorl’s Eyelet Captured (Fibonacci Sequence Syllabi...

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Some Public Initiative Drops from the Sky: Halvard Johnson on HOWL
Some-public-initiative-drops-from-the-sky: ever-and-ever-by-Harvard-Johnson/

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Nomads of New York Documentary and Reading

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Trump Meets Philosophy (Scheme, Theme, Meme)
M. Heidegger joined the Nazi Party to further his career; his ontological Being and Time should be stuffed in Donald Trump's rear. R. Barthes set forth mythologies as rich as truth is true He should be read to Donald Trump, his henchmen and his crew. Dear M...

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Remix of "Money to Burn" at HOWL today!
Money to Burn  : Dance remix. Music and lyrics Michael W. McHugh, vocals Ekayani. Produced by Tom Glide.
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