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That Furry Collar
And just when the weather started turning warmer, we got hit by another cold front here in North Carolina. This is how the weather keeps teasing us, however, I'm perfectly fine with this because I get to enjoy my warm coats for a few more days. And talking ...

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Animal Kingdom
There is no denying the staying power of animal-inspired fashion and this year, I've seen it more than ever. So, with that in mind, I put hands on a few wild things from my wardrobe and I decided to style them together for a chic and casual look. As you can...

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I'm totally in favor of incorporating clothes and shoes that are meant for working out into our everyday style (see similar looks here , here , here , here and here ). I believe this is a smart way to take full advantage of our sporty garments which, by the...

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Elevate Your Style With Black And White Accents
Wearing black and white head-to-toe is one of the easiest ways for me to look polished. The high contrast that black and white create is, without a doubt, the most striking and elegant, and it has become standard for many fashionistas. This styling formula ...

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Having Fun With Black And White
Today, I decided to wear my boyfriend blazer with boyfriend jeans and my cute vintage booties. This look was very comfortable and yet stylish enough to go out for lunch. I was not in the mood for wearing color, however, I wanted to wear something fun. I hon...

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The picture above is from my personal white shoe collection. I'm finally happy with all my white choices, however, there is always room for a new fun style. I don't know about you, but I find white shoes as versatile as black shoes. In fact, I wear some of ...

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An Unexpected Way To Wear Valentine's Day Colors
Here I am again wearing my fabulous pink peg pants ! ...and this time, I was thinking about Valentine's Day when I included them in this look. Maybe you were warned throughout your childhood that red with pink together was a no-no, but as we got older, we r...

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The Jean Style That I Will Never Give Up On.
There are garments that, regardless of their popularity, they always will be a part of my wardrobe. Trends come and go and I personally love to enjoy some of them, however, I don't always agree in giving up to styles that we love just because they are not t...

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How I Wear White Ankle Boots
White shoes are so much fun to wear; in fact, they can be the shoe you need to spice up your wardrobe. I personally own all-white sneakers , flats and pumps , however, I've been contemplating for a while the idea of having a pair of white boots. Recently, I...

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About That Scarf
Silk scarves have always been a fashion weakness for me. I love the fact that they can enhance a minimalist person's wardrobe or bring even more fun to the maximalist. There are tons of ways to wear a silk scarf, in fact, they are more versatile than wool s...
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