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3 Day - Breaking Free - Personal Freedom Retreat
3 Day - Breaking Free - Personal Freedom Retreat


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Even through the worst of times, you have the ability to change and forgive the past. Watch this week's video to learn about some amazing stories from past visitors of The Cabin Experience.

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Allow yourself to let go of information from the past in order to make room for more useful and beneficial data.

Let go of your past and allow yourself to forgive the ones who have hurt you.

Find out how to declutter your workload and take control of your life in this week's video tip.

Many people face procrastination in their everyday lives, but it stops us from moving forward and working efficiently. Find out how to start making smart decisions and overcome your procrastination in this week's video tip.

Learn about what it takes to overcome adversity and win at that game of life during this interview with Pat Gentempo.

Find out how to ease your mind and sustain a healthier life with Dr. Patrick Porter's BrainTap Technology.

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See my latest video tip of the week on how to reprogram your mind and achieve success!

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