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French Geek traveling the world
French Geek traveling the world


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We have news -- we’re excited to be joining Google[x], Google’s moonshot factory. We will continue to sell our Liftware system, and Google will enable us to reach even more people living with Parkinson’s or essential tremor who could benefit from using tremor-canceling devices every day.

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Why Karl is coming every summer.
The best explanation I've read seen or read about why fog afflicts San Francisco in summer. You can pack 10 years of learning into this one slideshow.

And did you know that fog is essential to California's coastal redwoods? And that climate change has seen fog intensity decrease? So much good stuff here?

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Congrats to all of you who rode down the peninsula for Bike to Work Day 2014.
Kudos to those who beat Cortland with a smile!
Bike to work day 2014 - SF2G - Top of Cortland
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Ranting about +T-Mobile (because I couldn't find a mail support -- and because I already tried their hotline). Hopefully I'll get an answer here.

User experience is about the worse part of a whole experience.

I like the fact that you are trying to disturb the market by providing 4G to people at a lower price and without contract.
Your international data plan ( for simple choice plans ( made quite a buzz when announced, but:
1/ Why doesn't it work if I prepay the plan every month? (with an autoload?!)
2/ Where is it even mentioned that if I prepay the plan I won't have access to this international plan? I found it the hard way when I landed in Germany and your hotline didn't help... 

That really blows.

I went back to France for holidays, and many things became a pain because of you and the fact that I was relying on having a 3G connection (no printed tickets, no google maps, no music etc.)

Please fix this.
I'm still traveling in Europe if you feel like fixing it soon...

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Well done video for a real problem.
Wow. This short video actually made me tear up. Incredible charity tackling a very real problem in a transparent, effective manner- thank you +Jiwoo Park for sharing with me... can't believe I hadn't explored this organization until now! 
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