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Sven Emmert
Born in the US , live in Switzerland and a Scot at heart.
Born in the US , live in Switzerland and a Scot at heart.

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Hello. After almost 2 Years I jumped the Infinty train agin. Had my first N3 game today and we allready run into a question were we cant find a answer for.

Unit A delcares move and CC aginst unit B. During its move it triggers ARO's from a unit C.

In which order is this played? Can unit C save unit B by killing the attacker on its way to its pray??

Thanks for your help

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Can someone pls explain to me, how I install programme from GitHub on my Pi3?

I would like to try if (see below) works in rasperian :


I am trying to build a "info boardish" system for work with a raspberry pi. I plan to use the google calender with iceweasel. the only problem I currently have, is that I cant figure out why the autostart wont trigger iceweasel (I normaly use windows, I am new to linux).

I found out how to edit the autostart file but using @iceweasel wont trigger the browser on start.

Can anyone pls tell me what I am doing wrong??


Is there a 'brick and mortar' shop in Inverness were I can buy a Raspberry Pi? Going there on a 5 day holiday and I guess a Pi is cheaper in Scottland then here in Switzerland 😊

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It's alive 😀

I couldn't start it with the pi top os for some strange reason. Installed the standard os via NOOBS and it started right away.


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The postman delivered. Looking forward to this. 

Hello @ all.

I'am new to the Raspberry "world" and started by buying one for fun. After playing around for a week or so (trying surfing, openLiber, KODI and RasPLEX) I found a link to this PI-TOP build your own Laptop site.

It has mixed reviews (to be honest I only found a total of 2 reviews). Can someone tell me more about this laptop? For me its more for the gigles, to take it on holiday to surf in the hotel, watch a yt movie or to and to stay in contact with my loved ones.


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A local Swiss television company paid us a visit. We adopted a third dog.
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