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Oh yes, intellivision and Atari time baby!
you went way back on that lol now i wanna play some "pong" on atari lolol
Back then you use to play multiplayer with your friends. Blowing into cartridges, switching to channel 3, always owning the high score, those were the days.
I grew up in an era when you had to go outside to play anything....
Phil B
Lmao. I remember that shit
Phil B
Lmao. I remember that shit
If u were one of the lucky ones & had one my dad said they were brain suckers go play outside 
Wasn't it actually UHF Channel 36 ?  :-)
I remember in the UK when we had only 3 TV channels that finished at night with the National Anthem and didn't even know what video games were
I used to put channel 3 to play Nintendo and to play a movie in the VCR. There were no cd's or dvd's and video games used to came in cartridges.
we still do but no it is HDMI
sometimes channel 3 + Video 1 on your VCR
You young punks with your XStations and PlayBoxes! 
it was channel 4 at our house.... but, whatever, you know what I mean...
By heck. My dad had to put coal in the TV before I could play on the Binatone.
what sucked where i lived was the PBS station was channel 3.  try to play asteriods around Carl Sagan's head.
Its amazing how far we've come in 40 years.
That was and still is also true with stuff like watching dvds.
I'm 12 and I still have a little box tv and no cable 
I feel old now! Saga mega drive all the way dude!
yep i remember that two god were old lol
Anyone remember the stupid switch we had to hook up on the back of the TV for Atari?
+Will Ferrell  Aaaaaaaaaahhhhggg, what a shame!!!
I were put +1 and also I was just about to share it just before read that you are the kind of "persons" who order "+1 and share"!!!
This is really a shame! Because as I'm not a sheep, I never do +1 or share when stupids like you orders me to do that!
That reminds mei miss all the old tv shows.. such as phil of the future, hannah montana, the proud family, fosters home for imaginary friends, the misadventures of flapjack, codename: kids next door, thats so raven, etc. Those were the good days..
^ those are not old shows. how old are you like 12?
and old enough. they were good. i miss them.
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