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Online Training Courses on Critical Business & Software Skills
Online Training Courses on Critical Business & Software Skills


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Learn to Schedule Projects Like a Pro

Take any project and put it on a detailed schedule that ends in success. Learn how to define the scope of a project, build a work breakdown structure and create and modify a schedule.


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Career Basics for New Employees

Too many job-seekers enter an employment situation wearing a blindfold. Attorney Johanna Harris has spent her career untying the various legal entanglements that result when employees don’t take the time to read the fine print. In this course you’ll learn the secrets to decode the interview process, offer letters, background investigations and performance evaluations.


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Learn the Presentation Secrets of Presidents, CEOs and History’s Greatest Speakers

Far too many business presentations feature a speaker that could easily be part of the background. Stanley K. Ridgley, Ph.D. will put you in the command position and teach you to be (rather than give) your presentation.

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Helping Successful Leaders Get Even Better

You've reached a level of success in your career, but are you happy? World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author +Marshall Goldsmith will help you achieve harmony between your career and your life.

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Be More Strategic In the Search for Talent

Strategy is a term that is applied to many areas of business but is often overlooked in the critical function of human resources. Caroline Black will provide you with four highly effective classes in which you’ll learn the best practices to bring in great people, keep them engaged and develop them to the fullness of their potential.


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Bring Your Creative Vision to Life

Don’t settle for a static image when you can give your compositions dynamic motion. This course will give you the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects CC. Whether it’s text or images, you’ll gain the skills necessary to put your unique creative touch on every project.


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How to Use Future Visualization to Lead a More Successful Life

What separates achievers from those who can’t seem to reach their full potential? The difference, according to author and consultant Wendy Merron, lies in the ability to eliminate your limiting beliefs and visualize your future. In this course, you’ll learn the techniques and mental models that can put you in touch with your inner greatness.


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Manage Every Generation to its Full Potential

The current work force has the widest span of ages than at any point in modern history. When you have employees that remember the Apollo moon landing working with employees that don’t remember life before the Internet, you need a special set of skills to manage everyone. This course will provide you with the tools you need.


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Master the Four Phases of a Change Initiative

 +Phil Buckley has led major international change projects for the past two decades. He brings the valuable insights from those experiences to leaders everywhere in this course. Leaders will discover the key aspects of their role in a change initiative and the 7 keys to lead change.


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How to Become Your Boss's Most Trusted Advisor

In this course taught by long-time top-level strategic advisor +James E. Lukaszewski you’ll gain the insights into how to be the person who is asked to stay behind when the strategy meeting ends.

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