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Hemant Bandodkar
Avid amateur photographer, ex-banker, chemical engieer & Apple FANBOY (hardcore).
Avid amateur photographer, ex-banker, chemical engieer & Apple FANBOY (hardcore).

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Just some snippets from last weekend at Spa
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General question to the aficionados. Why doesn't the FIA find a more reasonable solution to the safety car deployment issue. The drivers up front get their race effort/lead nullified for no fault of theirs. It's absurd to do all the hard work just to get it nullified. With the VSC they can mandate when the subsequent drivers take off after the safety car is pulled off thereby maintaining nearly the same lead or time difference if not exactly the same. But to be its an unaddressed travesty that a driver has to change his strategy and risk his effort for someone else's mistake??

When will the investigation into the instructions to Rosberg be done?

After the conclusion of one of the most boring races I've seen thus far it is apparent that the winner of the race is 'radio blackout'. How stupid is this regulation that the drivers are now expected to be engineers to alter settings on the car. Kimi & Hammy struggled with some setting which was taking their attention away from the racing on a dangerous track and onto some experiments on the setting which seem to have worked eventually for Hammy but not for Kimi. Anyway, the radio blackout also makes a race boring and the FIA has underestimated its entertainment value to the audience... bring it back

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TheDonald would say

A general question about VSC: I still havent understood the concept of the VSC. I know how it came about after the JB accident and all, but, what happens when the VSC is deployed. Is there an automatic override on the engines by the race director that lowers their speed? What does it mean when they have a lap time to keep with and they have to come under that time? How do they know what speed to drive at once the VSC is deployed?

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I dont understand or have never seen such poorly thought about processes than in F1. From the double points fiasco of last year to the stupid inexplicably complicated qualifying system of this year, both abandoned after the solitary attempt. I mean dont they have a test bed for this? GP2 or one of the stock car races where they could try this for season or two before trying it. And this is not an accessory chance or a tertiary change this totally bears weight on the outcome of the race. I wish Bernie and his squadron had a little more brain than getting drunk at a farmhouse in the french countryside and saying "hey this sounds cool lets try it.. how bad can it be". Such stupidity does harm to a sport that's already reeling under the pressure of the financial crisis and lack of interest. 

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+Yantra X +Markus Bahlke +Jeannine Minot +Elena Nona Munteanu A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU
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+Mirjana Stojkovic thank you thank you 
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