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WiFi Heat
Visualise the strength of your wireless network
Visualise the strength of your wireless network


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The WiFi Heat website is updated with a recent changes list and a link to the new support website.

The support website lets you vote on ideas, which will be used to speed up certain features depending on demand.

Feel free to add your own suggestions at
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Version 1.0.3 of WiFi Heat has been released.

* Now targetting the Jelly Bean SDK.
* Added filtering for channel overlapping (22MHz).
* Show "Loading map" message when loading Google Maps.
* Limit zoom and movement extents so that you can't lose your bearings.
* Renamed filter from "None" to "All" because it was misleading/confusing.
* Fixed rendering of floor plan in "Manage Levels" so it's not squashed/stretched.
* Tweaked home menu icons to not show a slightly noticable background.
* Several other bug fixes that caused crashes.

* Free version coming soon!
* Export sample data
* Tweak the display options, e.g. map opacity, floor plan opacity, heat map calculations
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Version 1.0.2 of WiFi Heat has been sent off to Google Play.

* You can now share your map.
* Display levels in order of altitude instead of order of creation.
* Don't show left/right arrows when there is only one item.
* Sometimes the delete button was faded out when it shouldn't be.
* Bug fixed with entering numbers in some locales.

Features upcoming in the very near future:
* Filter by overlapping frequencies.
* Options for tweaking the visual appearance of the heat map, e.g. colour schemes with discrete colours.
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Screenshots of the recently released WiFi Heat.
WiFi Heat Screenshots (5 photos)
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WiFi Heat is released!

Grab it from the Google Play Store at:

Thanks to all the people who tested and contributed to the development of WiFi Heat.

As usual, let us know if there are any problems or suggestions you might have.
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+WiFi Heat 4 bedroom weatherboard house. Not bad :)
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The new website for WiFi Heat is up!

I'm still collecting names of beta testers if you are interested in getting a free copy. Just follow +WiFi Heat to become a tester.
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WiFi Heat is close to being released to the Google Play Store.

We're releasing a closed beta of WiFi Heat in the next few days. If anyone is interested, please follow +WiFi Heat and the link with details will be posted to selected followers.

Here is a screenshot of WiFi Heat in beta form. Please note that this screenshot is not indicative of the final product.
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