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Yum, meatball sub time. :)

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Anyone interested in good programming fonts might want to check this one out. It is a nice, fixed-width, TrueType font and is about the best coding font I have ever found and used. It is called Envy Code and it is available for free.

Some of its niceties include a strike through the zero which is, I feel, a must have in a programming font. Also, the 1 (integer one), I (upper-case 'I') and l (lower-case 'L') all look quite distinctive. As a matter of fact there is little, if any, ambiguity in any of the font's glyphs. It is crisp and clear and quite easy on the eyes; certainly a Good Thing after you have been looking through texts of source files for hours on end. Give it a try.

Cold beer, hot day.
Fairview, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, but we also have a full moon in the cards. I think I may ditch the lights of the city and head out into the countryside for a viewing... and if the moon washes out the sky, there is always beer. :)
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