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Shared publicly  - now I'm not allowed to post to my BF's radio program on FB....I got this message :
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PEACE loving WAR hating Progressively minded woman always looking for the truth and anything else that may be intersting :)
First..I'm a PEACE loving WAR hating Progressively minded...Woman....I would join the Dutch Democratic Socialist Party if I lived in well for them...Desperately trying to understand how we have allowed our government to get so screwed up....I believe Obama has made some serious mistakes while holding office but compared to the horrifying alternative choices..I'm sticking to him.
Bragging rights
Survived Marriage, have two kids and one granddaughter....Took the first seven credits in 35 years...loved it ! Can't wait to return when my course begins :D
  • Mount Baker High School
  • LBCC
    Polysomnography, 2012
At the moment I'm seriously looking to be employed....The experience I have leads to Manufacturing....I'm good at making stuff and dealing with serious business matters...your point of view on politics, Or what your kid said or did, the positions your BF and you use,...?Meh...leave it at home...Anyone wanna take a chance on me? ok, that was corny but hey, if I get some work it's all good...BTW, I'm one of these people who just wants a job....I don't need it to become a marriage...
  • Unemployed
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