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Emily Walrath

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With This Ring
Last night was just a normal evening. I talked to my hubby on the phone, just chatting and recounting our day. He tends to get sleepy towards the end of our talk and we say goodnight, then I usually get up and hit my bedtime routine and then get some shutey...

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5 Paleo foods I love most... at the moment.
This week my great-grandmother passed away. She was very old and led a wonderful life, but nonetheless, she was the matriarch of our family and loved immensely by family and friends alike.   In my family, like most families, part of the grieving process is ...

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A Grateful Heart and Self-Control
Life, especially this military life my husband and I live, throws us curveballs constantly. God likes to keep us on our toes and sometimes plans don't go our way.  For example, my husband's phone got turned off by the cell phone company, leaving me with no ...
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