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Sprint LG G3 running stock ROM. Also, using stock lock screen. Sorry, but NiLS is just not working. For some reason, the notification will often clear itself from the lock screen without me touching the phone. Gmail rarely stays on. Using Chomp SMS, those usually stay on lock screen. I observed this the other day while phone on desk at work. Didn't touch it, gmail came through, screen lit, NiLS put notification on the lock screen, but then it disappeared before the screen even timed out.

I love this app, but it needs updated. I can't see what the problem would be on my end. Not using widget, just floating panel.
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I have the new LG G3 from Sprint. I've installed the app, it finally acknowledges the unlock app for the paid version, but it will not unlock the screen and go to the app which has the notification when swiping right. That is a feature only available in the paid version. If I unlock the screen, then the app will be present.

Any suggestions?
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Just tried with a gmail notification and it worked. So far so good. Thanks!
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I'm using widgetlocker to replace stock lockscreen and trying to use the clock widget in NiLS, with HD widgets set to show weather. Testing floating panel notifications. It looks like I'm getting notification from both NiLS and the floating panel. Am I doing something wrong? There's two of the same email notification.
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Derp! Didn't realize it was that easy. Thanks Anna! BTW, I'm trying widgetlocker because the NiLS widget and HD widgets weather notification would often disappear from the lock screen. If I turned screen off and almost immediately back on, they both reappear, but that's an annoying bug.
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For some reason, my clock and persistant weather notification (via HD Widgets) disappears at times when using stock Galaxy S3 lock screen on 4.2 (haven't updated to KitKat)

I can't figure out the cause. If I use widgetlocker this doesn't happen, but that lock screen replacement makes the phone sluggish sometimes to respond when unlocking. I'd rather use stock lock screen.
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+Matthew Black I probably didn't explained myself clearly. You don't need persistent notifications - you can simply put "HD widgets" widget as your lock screen widget instead of using NiLS widget with persistent notifications. You will still get notifications using NiLS Notifications Panel (it is not a widget)
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