Greyhound Bus station signSanta Monica, CA
Thought I'd already posted this (and maybe I did), but since I couldn't find where I had, here it is (again, maybe).

This was taken in the last couple of years, although the station had long ago closed down. I'm glad the current building owners recognized the value of keeping the landmark sign in situ.

Back in the early 80s, I was dating a girl going to UCSB, and on Fridays after work, I'd hop the Greyhound from here and ride up to Goleta to visit for the weekends. One Sunday, I fell asleep on the way back, and ended up in Long Beach (the end of the line). There wouldn't be another bus to Santa Monica until too late in the morning, so I ended up taking a cab from downtown Long Beach to Venice. Only needed to learn that lesson once, thankfully!
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