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This is important.
Well. Apparently I have my G+ account back. This does not mean that everything is all hunky-dory between me and Google now, however. See the edit to my open letter for more.

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- It's everything you could possibly want in a Star Wars-themed dance. I think.

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Join us! Make music! The Rainbow Bri-gayde IN: the Committee for the Re-election of the President.

My sister tried to use the power saw. While high. In the dark. Nothing has happened, yet.

But I cannot really describe my feelings about this!

So who plays wheedling ice-cream-truck music in the dark of the night, is what I want to know. Is this a sign? Am I going to die?

Hey, fine folks! I'm gonna order in some food and start a Hangout for writing according to Mary Robinette Kowal rules: 45 minutes of writing, 15 minute break. Join in if you want.

I guess the last Eragon book is coming out? That's still a thing?

I craved banana cream pie for two weeks, spent a few hours on one today, ate half the slice I cut for myself and felt satisfied. Intuitive eating: it's a hoot.

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- Valente's Fairyland prequel is up at Tor! Also, HI INTERNET. I've been AWAY.
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