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Whiteboard actions - summary of some of the main themes

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Poster session that I don't think I shared at the time. Esp. of interest is campus life poster and discussion with developer.
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Our rather friendly and happy looking Fusion group front row seating for the final keynote and closing ceremony.

How to build custom games and activities for a d2L LE course 
Sprite sheet – 1 image being pulled, code to index the images – saves on round trips. 

Animation technique – 

Randomize repetitive sounds – versions of the same sound making it sound more natural 

JQuery (UI, Mobile, CreateJS)
CreateJS – library
EasleJS – library 
TweenJS – 
SoundJS – difficult to play sound. FF won’t play mp3 files. soundJS tries to close that gap.
Object oriented coding – chunking down into 
Build a game/ activity that 
Externalise your data model – think of all the elements that you’d like to change. Make 1 file that sets that all out. Customisations.

Categorise game – word destroyer, 

Sublime text 2 tool for coding.

Debugging practice that is used:
Code and check 
Developer tools for the browser

Templates builds 
Categorisation game – drag and drop
Immersive case study - D2L Adventure Engine 
The more often you do it the cheaper it’ll be

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Cool auto tweeting in the closing keynote by Alec Couros
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