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Vickie Britton
Fiction Author, Mystery Writer, Craft of Writing author
Fiction Author, Mystery Writer, Craft of Writing author

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FREE! Read AN ICY DEATH, A Jeff McQuede High Country Mystery, FREE! 

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We are delighted to announce our new release, the 7th book in the High Country Mystery Series, MURDER AND THE GOOD OLD BOYS' CLUB. Our latest book in the series is now available in paperback, Kindle and is also on Kindle Unlimited.  Review: “Murder and the ...

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READ FREE TODAY! LOYALTY--A Jeff McQuede shortread. Look for our full-length new release MURDER AND THE GOOD OLD BOYS' CLUB soon!

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Meet Jeff McQuede, the sheriff of Coal County , Wyoming ,
a modern-day sheriff with old-time values. 
Like his family namesake, the old frontier lawman, he always looks for
the right answer and never settles for the easy one.  He often follows his predecess...

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Tips For Writing the Perfect Ending
  Every story deserves a good, satisfying ending.   But what elements make up a memorable ending?   The Hero should Solve his Own Problem The resolution of the novel should logical and should, at least
in part, be brought about by the hero (or heroine's) qu...

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TAINTED LADIES is #5 in short history today on Amazon Kindle!
This lively little guide rounds up a host of colorful women from wild west history from female stagecoach robber Pearl Hart to the beautiful but tragic Baby Doe Tabor. Meet Calamity Jane, who could out-drink and out-shoot any man, and Poker Alice, a widow who earned a living playing cards. Read about the madams and soiled doves who worked in the brothels and parlor houses, and the many renegade women who made up America’s past.

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Curing Writer's Block: Unsagging the Middle of the Novel
Have you ever put a book down in the middle and never picked
it up again?   Books are often begun with
a burst of great enthusiasm, but by the time the middle is reached, the
excitement may have worn thin for both writer and reader.  The middle of the book ...

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Writing the First Chapter: How to Plan a Strong First Chapter
Developing a strong first chapter is often a matter of trial
and error.   The first chapter is usually
the one that is rewritten the most.   Here
are some tips to help you get it right the first time The first chapter is the most important chapter in the bo...

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The Prologue and the Epilogue in Fiction
  Both the prologue and epilogue are devices that help explain
a complicated story. A prologue appears at the beginning of a novel, and serves
as an introduction to tell what has gone on before.  An epilogue appears at the end of the novel
and tells what ha...
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