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So the notifications in Google + no longer work in the EDGE browser.

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A snap from my recent holiday. Crystal Falls in the Dorrigo World Heritage Listed Park in New South Wales Australia. The plant species in this park are found in fossils in Antarctica and belong to the ancient continent of Gondwana. A steep walk to get to the waterfall but an amazing experience walking through this ancient forest.

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I appreciate the needs of farmers but am at a  loss on how the NSW Government is managing agriculture in this state. The debate about land clearing goes on while nearby where I live I watch the land that was formerly used as dairy farms (that collapsed under the Howard Government Dairy deregulation)  being converted into housing estates. Why are we doing this to prime agricultural land? Why are we not preserving this land and promoting new agricultural uses?

My wife asked a great question after voting yesterday, especially after being bamboozled by the senate ballot paper. Why aren't  a version of the ballot papers made available to the public as soon as the Australian Electoral Commission has them finalised.  It is compulsory to vote for either 6 parties or 12 prospective senators. How can you make an informed vote if you are unaware of who is on the ballot paper until you vote?

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Well written article. Not very long.
#Nuclear power may be clean, but people still question whether it is, or ever will be, safe enough.. For all that fear, nuclear power still has the safest track record of any power source

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This has to be the most BS example provided of cutting the public sector in NSW. Trusts are set up to preserve these facilities. The old pumping station that the treasure refers to in Maitland is the Walka Water Works. This facility provided the first water to the people in the Lower Hunter it. Is a perfectly preserved building of historical importance reflecting the architecture of the period and the grounds are a major community and tourist attraction in the region. ( How a combination of interests as diverse as Tennis courts in Newcastle combined with the Walka Water works would protect and preserve the functions of either facility is a huge stretch of the imagination. I imagine that the funding required to manage these trusts would be far less the economic waste incurred by our politicians fleeting around the countryside with their sense of self-importance and entitlement.
The fact that she refers to these as being in the Lake Macquarie region displays her ignorance of the Hunter where Newcastle and Maitland are not even considered as part of Lake Macquarie , the three cities are different in characteristic  each have their own different needs. Newcastle a major port, Lake Macquarie City a city that is sprawled around the shores of Lake Macquarie and Maitland a major regional city centred on the Hunter River.

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What an absolute dick. They will say anything to protect the status quo regarding gun control in the USA. Nice of the Washington Post to clear up the facts regarding Ted's lie.

Have any of my fellow Australians who have moved to the NBN and lucky to have fibre to the house (FTTP) like me noticed that despite heavy use their data usage is lower than when they were with Telstra? I am guessing that there must be less lost data packets due to not being on an old copper network????

The American gun lobby and their supporters will say anything to denigrate our fine Australian gun laws because they would take a huge drop in business or have to argue for a few more armed conflicts around the world. Guns in Australia are still legal for those responsible people who desire them. Don't believe the crap the gun lobby espouse. Gun laws save lives.
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