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registering domains! working on my blog!

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Heya! An increasingly rare interview on my blog! This guy taught me how to make sausage: #portlandhomesteadsupply   #portland   #oregon   #interviews   #exprima   #coreypressman  

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In other crazy news:
1: Pick a youtube video, play it.
2: Click pause.
3. Click anywhere outside the video.
4.Type 1980.

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Ditch that Walmart folks! You can support a better business model while still buying discounted goods! (But you may have to bag your own groceries. Small price to pay.) 

Did you know that WinCo is a discount grocery store that gives it's employees health benefits after 24 hours per week?

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Mmmm! Recipe for brandied cherries and old fashioneds! Up on the blog! #cocktail #bourbon #whiskey   #vsco   #vscocam  

all the blog + sketchbook drools. #sketchbook #sketch #drawing

so...sharknado passes the bechdel test

let that sink in for a minute

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