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Optimizing Individuals Body Mind Spirit
Optimizing Individuals Body Mind Spirit


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If you want to surf better, train!

All surfers need good training plans and good advice; homework, if you will, for the weekend warrior types.

These tips will help you build strong posture:

1. Take breaks. To prevent chronically tight muscles, get up from your chair at least every hour and move around.

2. Sit with good alignment and adjust your work area to minimize stress on your body.

3. If you work for long hours at a desk, consider a standing work station and consider getting a professional help set you dial it in

4. When working out, always keep good neutral alignment.

5. Take a Pilates or Yoga class. These programs emphasize proper alignment with every movement and reinforce strong posture. Posture habits are then carried out in your day-to-day activities.

6. To improve your posture is to improve your ability to move.

Stay healthy, and we'll see you in the water!

A good surf school or camp offers two advantages compared to learning from well-intentioned surfing buddies.

First, professional instructors are likely to have more experience than your friends, if not in years, then in the variety of conditions and situations they've faced.

Second, professional knows how to teach as well as what to teach. You learn the correct techniques safely and efficiently.

Did you learn to surf this summer? Take advantage of the ground swell moving in and get out there!

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