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R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister

1945 - 2015


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Hey folks! Please check out this new blog by my old dear friend +Travis Hale. Trav was my first regular DM for AD&D back in the early/mid-80s when we were teenagers. He had all the cool third-party supplements before they were cool (Fantasy Art Enterprises, Bard Games, etc.). Also he introduced me to the Talisman board game which I still enjoy. Give him a look!

I'm seeing it's kosher to chime in generally about Star Wars: The Force Awakens on here.

I saw it with my teenage daughter Natalie (14) last Thursday night She was not a Star Wars aficionado by any means. She was completely thrilled by the movie and the female protagonist. That for me was the true joy of watching the movie seeing her so enthralled by the mythos. 

J.J. Abrams and Co. won in my book by virtue of making my child an instant fan. It's like 1977 all over again.

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Here's a new painting - Future Medic

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So I was working on a DCC Western game Orchard of Bone but now seeing this trailer - this is what I really want in a "western" game. 

Circa 1820 - Fictitious 19th century America (analogous to "Panem" from Hunger Games). Military and government solicitations (newspaper ads) call for players to explore to set up trade routes = hex crawl magic.

System base: S&W White Box

Weapons: clubs, sabers, hatchets, knives (d6), flintlock pistol (d10), flintlock rifle (d8 as club, d12 for ball), stick bow (d6 for arrow). 

No classes. Just d8 HD for everyone. Levels offer Modifier bonuses for the PC to distribute to their Attribute Modifiers that in turn affect combat, saves, and skills. 

No healing except basic first aid and possible military field surgery knowledge (enhance saves to keep you from dying outright). Your "Save" also protects you from disease, exposure, and infections. Some remedies can support those as well.

Just brutal, unforgiving, and hopefully glorious. 

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So after years and years of waiting and searching, the Apple iPad Pro is the legit true digital sketchbook.

Ben Bishop (bishart on instagram) posted this fantastic video. He is the fifth artist I've talked to that reports the Cintiq Companion 2 is a bust. Also, the Surface Pro 4 is good's Windows and expensive.

Ben is using Astropad which lets you remotely use PS (etc.) from another machine (holy shit) and claims that Procreate is a decent drawing app. 

So, surprisingly at $799 (32 Gb), I'm in the market for an iPad Pro.

+Eric Quigley

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#tbt Here's a painting I did in late 2006 called "Your Star"

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Ok last one! Yet one more pen and ink for +Venger Satanis 

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Oh sweet grand gravy this is amazing!

Sorry folks I've been fanboy of hers for ages...

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Here's one more pen & ink I completed for +Venger Satanis . 
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