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Feature Request - Allow for direct fiat balances to be added and not just USDT.
(or maybe I missed it)

I'm trying to keep the transactions synced across devices but can't seem to find a way to force a sync. How long should it take?

Connecting to Mail via Mac Mail when IMAP/POP is disabled
When IMAP/POP is disabled but Google Apps Sync is enabled I can get an iPhone user to connect via the Mac Mail client using the instructions. However, on a standard Mac machine adding the account as Exchange and mimicking this setup fails.

Any chance any desktop clients can connect using the Exchange service other than via the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook installer which is Windows only?

VPN into a Check Point
Given that a Chromebook is able to use just L2TP and OpenVPN out of the box has anyone managed to get one to connect to a Check Point? Right now my workaround is to setup TeamViewer on a machine inside the network. Another idea is ZeroTier but again requires a host inside the network.

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Any idea why the Pixel 2013 is showing it's up to date with Chrome but stuck at v26? There's no pinning on the device and it should upgrade to the most recent I'd expect.

Currently looking for a Chromebook that can take the place of our current standard machine for users, Macbook Air 13", i5, 128gb, 4gb which we purchase for around £685 ex vat.

What would be the machine to go for considering...

I've used a C720p before and it wasn't powerful enough. The Samsung Chromebook 2 was ok at the start but became very sluggish after using it for a while. The Pixel performed brilliantly but the price point of is too high.

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Is anyone else experiencing the loss of search abilities to find chat history in the Gmail Android app?
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Is anyone using Classroom for perpetual classes? Ones where the class has no end date and students can start at any time. I'm noticing the way it's setup there's a constant stream of data so when a new person joins 4 months after I start the calls information seems like it will be hard to find.

Automatically signing into Chrome upon login in AD and/or OD.

I would love to have Chrome automatically create the first profile with their Google for Work account when they login to Mac which is joined to an AD server. Applying this to Windows users would also be nice to know but my local office is 95% Mac so knowing this is first on my priorities. And just to throw a spanner into the whole situation, Okta manages our SSO so a login to Chrome redirects a user to this login page after they have to type in credentials in standard Chrome signin page.

I'm currently exploring the way we can configure a local OSX Server in each branch office that will be used for Policy Manager to enforce device settings on all Mac's. The AD server is hosted in AWS and we'd want the OSX server binded to that to just make sure user passwords are synced. We looked at the Centrify plugin for AD but it was decided we not use it. Anyone have a good tutorial to refer to for this type of setup? I believe this falls under the magic triangle type setup.
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