Way to highlight the challenges of converting #plants  into #biofuel  and how our work on the poplar #genome  and the work being done now at +Oak Ridge National Laboratory is helping to overcome those obstacles, +Kelsey Wood! #JGInPoetry  
My submission for the DOE Joint Genome Institute Poetry contest  #JGInPoetry ! Poem was inspired in part by a talk by Gerald Tuskan (Oak Rigde) at JGI 2014 User's Meeting and is 10 lines long to mark a decade of the Community Science Program.


Poplar tree growing fast and tall:
how do your genes make your cell walls?

Enzymes string together sugars into rows,
to make straight fibers you know as cellulose;

Reverse this process during cell wall degradation,
and you get sugars for biofuel creation!

Alas there’s also lignin, an amorphous beast;
lignin linked to cellulose blocks sugar release.

To solve this recalcitrance, the genome holds the key,
let’s make better poplar — for sustainable energy!
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