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Barry O'Gorman
CFO and CIO of high tech hospital
CFO and CIO of high tech hospital

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Great St. Patrick's Day at Schools' Cup Final in RDS.  Congratulations to Cistercian College Roscrea.

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Buereek wishes everyone a very Happy St Patrick's Day.
Photos of Croagh Patrick ('the reek')
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Beautiful on a Wednesday afternoon.

Just listened to Senator Gerard Craughwell (past President TUI) being interviewed by Ivan Yates. Effectively another spokesman for teachers - quick to tell us what parents want and don't want. According to Mr. Craughwell it's clear that parents don't want their children assessed by teachers.
Not clear to me. Perhaps I am the dissenting parent? I want two things: (1) I want teachers assessed and (2) I want students assessed by teachers who have themselves been assessed.
Mr Craughwell referenced his having completed assessments of his pupils for 20 years or more. Good on him. He was also clear that the teachers' issues relate to resources and time - not money. So sounds like what is needed is some basic business process reengineering - applied to teaching.
And - just in case anyone is confused - let me state again: I completely oppose teachers striking on this issue. This will undoubtedly be a surprise to Mr. Craughwell, the TUI and the ASTI.

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Not sure - so far (18.01 - Wednesday) the video I made and uploaded (I thougth) has not appeared in the list of videos on as I expected?

Another test post (13:12, Wednesday) - this time directly to the stream available under +barry.  Want to see whether this now appears under

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Test posting on at 13:00, Wednesday

Test post at 12:55 Wednesday

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