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I revived this (currently in beta, only works on loki and onwards):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tombeckmann/indicator-synapse
sudo apt update
sudo apt install com.github.tom95.indicator-synapse

See for instructions on how to get it to open by shortcut. This is also the place where I look forward to your bug reports. Use left/right arrow on a selected item to see context actions.

Just a quick note: Some fancy animations that make the multitaskingview opening smoother and fixes for animations on multimonitor in gala didn't make it into the builds. So make sure to upgrade once installed!

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It's not actually working and I copied all the difficult parts from anjuta (and I didn't even want to write it for scratch, but was too lazy to learn vimscript), but I still want to brag about it: Full semantic completions and almost real time error listings powered by libvala, currently in scratch.

By not working I mean, no multi file support, no way to add packages besides the ones I told it to use it in the code and it may fail randomly.

(if you want to test it anyway you can find the branch on scratch's code page, I recommend disabling auto-saving so you can properly control when it reparses your file, you typically only do nothing for 1 or 2 seconds (which triggers autosave), when you have some weird syntax errors, which then makes parsing fail).

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Since gala will be introducing plugins for Freya and I announced that we'll get an alternate alt tab plugin, I now started coding it. (You'll only be able to actually test it once the API is public which will happen for freya at the latest).
Since it's third-party anyway, I decided to let you do its specifications on this publicly editable doc (let's see if that works out)

So if the default alt-tab-switcher is too visually rich or too slow for you (it will get improvements for Frey on the performance side too), feel free to add any wishes to this document.

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+Harvey Cabaguio Like this?

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For those who are running a system which can install libmutter-3.8+, we're looking for testers for this branch . Gala should behave the same as in luna, we're looking for any differences.

Two known things:
- Gala may not start on system startup, in that case you'll need to start it from a tty with the "-d :0" option
- there might be greyish flickering while switching workspaces

Short how-to on how to get this gala:
$ bzr branch lp:~gala-dev/gala/mutter38 gala-mutter38
$ cd gala-mutter38
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ sudo apt-get build-dep gala
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
$ make
now you can run gala with "./gala --replace", or you can install it with "sudo make install", which will make it default and can be executed with "gala --replace".

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Working quite nicely already.
In case you're wondering, the rather ugly scrollbars are from Mx, Gtk can't be used inside gala. I'll probably replace them with a custom implementation later.
It is actually supposed to be a standalone chat by design, which it now is.

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Holidays = New features time

There are some ideas about facebook-messenger-like chat heads, so I started implementing a prototype with telepathy based on gnome-shell code. In case you want to try it, you can't. It depends on a number of different unfinished, partly not published, branches for saucy. At this stage it's more a proof-of-concept anyway, I haven't had an official mockup to implement for this yet, that's why it's looking rather messed up. But aside from that it's working already :) And if you're wondering, yes, there'd be real heads instead of generic ones if you'd chat with someone with a profile picture and not an IRC channel. Most of the features are still to be discussed, like moving, revealing, actual appearance and so on, but I heard our designers have a doc on this somewhere in the works.
Also, if you're shocked that we even consider moving away from the traditional window chat, it is being implemented as gala plugin (plugin support for gala coming too), so you 'll easily be able to turn it off and chat like you used to.

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indicator-synapse now supports contextual actions. Just hit the left or right arrow to show up all available actions and hit it again to hide them. Or just ignore them and continue using the default action with enter.

In the future, the shape of the submenu could get changed to resemble a popover more closely, but not for now.
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