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Josh Oman
Dad/Technology Lover/Part-Time Ninja
Dad/Technology Lover/Part-Time Ninja
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I'm thrilled my daughter loves them too!
Tom and Jerry made my childhood.
And believe it, besides anime, I still watch Tom and Jerry.
Re-share if they made your childhood too.

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Wish more people would listen to the warnings about texting and driving.

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I can relate

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He has an imaginary friend!

Hahaha, those posters on the wall though...

#Funny   #Humor   #Imaginarynumber  

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It really is a no win situation...I mean unless I were to learn to spell, but that is crazy talk.

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4.5 ALPHA1 / 4.43 STABLE

We were kind of busy this past week, but we still found the time to stick to our timeline at PA HQ. Today we’re bringing two releases: PA 4.43 “increase madness” for our 4.4 stable branch and PA 4.5 ALPHA1, which introduces a preview of our recents redesign. Our designers haven’t fully polished the redesign, so expect more awesomeness in the releases to come. Once again this is a preview, so expect issues and inconsistency.

Common Releases Changelog
- ParanoidOTA fixes and cleanup
- Fix daydream duplicates
- Theme Engine upstream patches
- Quicksettings fixes
- Pie will be activated in apps that use immersive mode if pie is enabled via on the spot.

Themers Note
- This patch has been merged, but it uses a static color for now. It will change to a drawable in next build.

4.5 ALPHA1 Additional Diff
- Recents CardStackView Redesign Preview

Bug reports:

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