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I am fed up of Facebook, so I am now here!
I am fed up of Facebook, so I am now here!

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Warhammer Community! Miniature Showcase Special
So I am super excited today and have completed one of my Hobby goals! I have my army featured on the Warhammer Community Website ! Steve Foote approached us ' Only The Faithful ' NEO's a while ago to ask if we would like to partake in something upcoming for...

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Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, Realmgate Wars
'With the sound of Skaven screams still ringing in their ears, they fell back and headed towards the Gnawing Sea and the Maw gate which should have led them to Azyr. Instead as they emerged from the portal, the heat hit them like a brick, in front of them w...

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'How I Brayherd' Series: The Story and History of Mojgorox, Beastlord
Mojgorox 'The Risen' - Beastlord of the Render-Bray "We rend! We destroy in the name of our father's! We care not of your thoughts and gains but only of your blood! We are hungry aren't we? This land is ours, given to us by father to breed, excrete and devo...

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Narrative Gaming in The Age of Sigmar
A topic close to my heart, Narrative gaming has of course always been there, through previous editions it has been lost in the aether but has made a huge come back in Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop have really given us an infinite possibility of playing narr...

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Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, Domination
This week I played Kye. We worked out since Generals Handbook has dropped and the club has expanded, we haven't actually played a competitive game of AoS. When we play, we always play a narrative or open battle using GW Campaign book battle plans.... This w...

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'How I Base' Series: Custom Wound Dials
Hi Guys, A short one today but wanted to show you something cool! I have been a dice man when it comes to allocating wounds to my models in Age of Sigmar, but with the growing number of multi wound models and Heroes I wanted to do something else. I found a ...

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Miniature Showcase: Graham Shirley, Zombie Dragons! Part 1 of 2
Welcome to another Friday which can only mean one thing, Miniature Showcase! Today I have one of the best UK painters I know, Graham Shirley, or as most will know him on Social Media, Painted by G. I have been admiring his work for a while now and I am so h...

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Battle Report & Review: SCGT Battleplan, Capture and Control
Good Morning! So last night I played the third battleplan from the SCGT game pack, Capture and Control, I played against Kye Baker and his awesome Skaven. I haven't played Kye in a while and we had an awesome game.  My story continues on, The Karl who defie...

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'How I Paint' Series: Fyreslayers, Auric Hearthguard
Another unit for the fyreslayers, this time the Auric Hearthguard. If you have seen any of the previous painting series on fyreslayers, you will see that the basics are all very similar, but because of the weapons on these guys I thought i would do a separa...

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'How I Paint' Series: Fyreslayers, Runefather on Magmadroth
Welcome to slayer world! First stop, Runefather on Magmadroth. In todays 'How I Paint' Series I show you how I went about painting up my Magmadroth and Runefather too. I wanted to go for bright colours on this model, the fluff behind my army is that this Ru...
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