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I have a tattered copy of a photograph I keep folded in a pocket of my jeans. Here she still loves me, she smiles back at me. I close my eyes and hear the sweet sound of her laugh. As I recall these memories a tear slowly rolls down my cheek.   All I once…

Kimberly “Bambi's Hope Rescue” Glasnapp

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Ok let me get this straight, YOU want a pat on the back like your a fuckin hero because you gave the dog 2 days of running "free"? Be a real hero, and contact a rescue group, tell them where to find that dog and liberate that dog for the rest of her life. Till then you're just another idiot with a camera looking for attention. Be a real hero, and go back and save that dog by freeing her forever from your fucked up neighbor. 

Kimberly “Bambi's Hope Rescue” Glasnapp

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Pour ceux qui sont, mais nous ne voyons plus et à ceux qui "ne sont pas" et nous verrons jamais à nouveau..   Je vous souhaite tous un tendre adieu
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Adopting a Dog From The “To Be Destroyed” Album:
#nydeathrowdogs   #urgentpart2   #bearesponsiblepetowner  

If you decide to adopt a dog that is on the “To Be Destroyed” list, you must act fast. Any dog on the list, can be destroyed the following morning. We try to post the list every night by 6PM. The shelter closes at 8pm.

Go to the ACC website ( ASAP to adopt a PUBLIC LIST dog (noted with a "P" on their profile) and/or work with a rescue group if you can adopt/foster ANY of our dogs on the list tonight.

Further instructions, and a list of rescues can be found here:

To rescue a death row dog, please read this:

To Contact the NYC ACC, call (212) 788-4000 for automated information


GREEN animals are those animals who were relaxed, easy to handle, and who showed no concerning behavior during the exam.BLUE animals are those animals who were tense and nervous but mostly still and relatively easy to handle during the exam.

YELLOW animals are those animals who were nervous, actively resisted examination, and required the use of restraint equipment or techniques, but did not exhibit aggressive behaviors during the exam.

ORANGE animals are those who required the use of restraint techniques and/or equipment and did exhibited some "aggressive" behaviors during the exam.

RED animals are those who exhibited severe aggression and required the use of significant restraint and/or sedation during the exam

For more info on behavior codes and ratings, please read here:
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Kimberly “Bambi's Hope Rescue” Glasnapp

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What a wonderful way to share Mop's rescue story and enlighten the public on what Start does. I'd just like to say thank you for all your wonderful work saving the lives of death row dogs, in some cases even reaching out to help other rescues save lives that otherwise would have been lost <3 
Warner Robins GA AREA - 7 yr. old Shepherd mix - Owner died dog needs rescue ASAP!!

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 1:34 PM, Katie Walter <> wrote:
CALL: 770-584-3655, or email:     (at
From: Elisa White [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 4:00 PM
GA rescues - Need help for 7 year old Shepherd mix!! - I feel for this pet... If he can avoid any kind of shelter, Please...thanks.
Warner Robins GA AREA - 7 yr. old Shepherd mix - Owner died dog needs rescue ASAP!!
This fellow has lost his owner.  The man died of cancer, and the dog is now out of a home.  The man has had the dog from a pup, but the family does not want the dog now.
If you can help this poor, displaced fellow, please contact me ASAP!!
Thank You,
CALL: 770-584-3655, or email:    (at
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It's okay to be nostalgic, science proves it. ...
It's OK to Be Nostalgic. Here's the Science That Proves It.
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Kimberly “Bambi's Hope Rescue” Glasnapp

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It's hard to hear the videographers voice, but if she's saying she suspects the reason he won't move from that spot and keeps looking in that direction is he is watching the access door hoping to see his family coming through it to pick him up and take him back home. PEOPLE WHO DUMP THEIR DOGS IN SHELTERS FUCKIN SUCK. That said, I just want to thank you Maria for doing what you do. I've done it, and know how heart wrenching a job it is, but when it works, there's no other feeling in the world like it. Videos like this get dogs noticed, shared, and saved who otherwise would go unnoticed their euth date comes, when they're killed with no one to even mourn them. To the public, shelters do not shelter your dog, they kill your dog. To those seeking a pet, please choose adoption over buying, and please understand adopting is meant to be for the remainder of their life, not just till you find something else to take up your time, have a baby, move or whatever.

Kimberly “Bambi's Hope Rescue” Glasnapp

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and none of these people were touched by this enough to offer some comfort to the dog? He is looking around for some compassion, a hug, a pat on the head, something. This is sad as it is, but the fact that no one offers any sympathy to the heartbroken pup makes even more sad. 
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#cats and #kittens in need! #FOSTER, #RESCUE, NETWORK, #DONATE, #ADOPT
It says If you didn't hear it with your own ears, or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind, and share it with your BIG MOUTH. 
#followmeto  New York.

It is a collaboration between us and Robert Jahns ( Robert - thank you for the great work, loved working with you!
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+Joe Tarzan MML Oh sure, because everyone knows if it's not true it wouldn't be on Google, right? I'm sure they'll all get right on it, genius. Hey peeps, ya think Tarzan here ever considered Googling the name of the nut case who filed one of the many, numerous false consumer complaints that were published by that horrible ex-foster of ours (which I'll get into below) that this guy obviously found when he, for some reason, did a Google search of my name? <creepy> Those online complaints were mostly lies and I filed rebuttals to them, which if he read the whole thing he'd have seen. They were all filed for no other reason than petty revenge for the DNA and consumer complaints I filed against them first, outing them to the rescue community as the bad foster/boarders they were, and that's what I got in return, permanent lies spread about me... and unfortunately stuff like that happens all the time in animal rescue. 

So he found the consumer complaints online and was so anxious to be heard and smear a rescue that he doesn't even take a minute to check the reliability of the information he just read. Or even look into the author. Why wouldn't he think to Google her name to check on+ the credibility of the woman who published it, or he'd have seen that's what she's done for many years to everyone she has a problem with, and she has problems with lots of people because she's bat shit crazy, mean as a hornet and about as smart as one too. He just assumed it was true, took and ran with it. I'd have assumed anyone capable of writing a book and getting it published would know better, but you know what they say about assuming I don't remember now... Something about being as ass... Well, anyway, I used to keep this in the forefront of my pages but I got sick of this drama being a constant on my network sites, when my focus should be on the animals, so I just keep an album with a little about it so it's easy to find if they look. Then if anyone ever asks, which they still do once in a while, I don't have to explain the long story, and can just I refer them there or better yet, to my blogs where the foster-gone-bat shit crazy fiasco (I wish I could say it was just one, but it was 3, 2 of whom got back at me for outting their bad behavior to the rescue community by spreading lies about me on those consumer complaint sites - all can be found in detail including screen snips in my blogs - links: ) 
Basic Information
K9, Miss Bambi
Bambi's Hope Rescue is an all breed dog and cat rescue. As part of a huge network here in Southern California we are committed to saving and protecting the lives of stray and abandoned companion animals and ones at-risk of euthanasia at shelters that are high volume and high kill as well as rescuing from abusive situations.

Our goal is to rescue homeless and death row animals and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.

As an All Breed Dog and Cat Rescue, we rescue not only from local shelters that are high volume & high kill but also strays, rescuing animals from inadequate or abusive living conditions and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes. We make every effort to spread awareness about the injustices of animal experimentation as well as pet stores and puppy mills.

We operate without a physical facility or paid staff. Comprised of dedicated rescuers, volunteers and foster homes. We are a privately-funded organization, all financing comes from our own pockets, as well as contributions from fellow dog lovers. Our animals are in approved foster homes until a suitable adoptive home is found. We use a detailed application and interview process in an effort to make the best match between the animal and an adoptive home. If for some reason the adoptive animal does not work out in their new home, it is required that our animals be returned to us so that we can place them back with their dedicated foster parent/s to ensure they will never wind up abandoned or in the shelter system.

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#cats and #kittens in need! #FOSTER, #RESCUE, NETWORK, #DONATE, #ADOPT

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