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Welcome to the Pantsless Revolution! I AM THE CHAOS MONKEY!! (coo coo cachoo) *Now, with 50% more penis!*
Welcome to the Pantsless Revolution! I AM THE CHAOS MONKEY!! (coo coo cachoo) *Now, with 50% more penis!*


Pssst! Did you guys know that I haz a seekrits mailbox?!?

Send me your seekrits! It's like shouting them in a bucket, only online!

If you wanna be anonymoose about it, use

Tell me a thing, plus!

Morning, plus! It's Friday! How goes things? How's tricks? Ya feelin' it? I hope so. But if not, have no fear! Stand back a second, whilst I deliver you a package of tunes guaranteed to make that booty shake! Now, I can ALMOST hear some of you mferz out there starting to whinge:
But Tejas! Who are these bands? These don't look like the milquetoast dreck I'm used to hearing ooze from mah clear channel owned/operated radio wastelands...

No, dear plusser, they are not! These, friends, are some the most interesting musicians making music today, and this is a selection of tunes from the best albums you never heard 2015-2017

The first track is from the 2016 Honus Honus album Use Your Delusion

The rest of the tracks will be from Islands, Nick Diamond, and Mister Heavenly

I hope you enjoy!

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So, while I don't agree with some of the opinions expressed in this article, it is also made me laugh myself to tears multiple times!

Do not read at work, unless you are comfortable with having to explain what all the laughing is about!

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+Sandy B​, dis teeny toituhl iz fer yew!

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Mah minion made a frond!
(Dat mantis ALMOST got hooman ibawl fer breakfast!)

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Froggehs iz way more vicious than people think. They et meese and birbs and one bit mah coosin once, and he has scars on his fingerz.
This photo is going to haunt my dreams 😳 and I hate snakes, but that anguished scream...

Incredible Photo Catches the Moment a Frog Swallows a Snake - National Geographic

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I made Shepard's Pie for dinner!


Trolli™ Sour Brite Eggs taste vaguely of peach gummies and vomit, in a crunchy candy shell. Mmmmm mmmmmmm!

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Quilted for 98 pts!
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