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Philip Lee
The camera lies.
The camera lies.


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The latest episode of "1914-18 - war's the pity"
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Lord Elgin's Tour with The Stones.
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art of the matador

(for my pals in Spain, especially Eugenio)

you are an innocent
you know nothing about it
cries my man of La Corrida
Ernest Hemingway Orson Wells
Kenneth Tynan none of you
English know the first thing

I try to say those guys were not
all my countrymen but he waves me down bless him

even those pompous charlatans will tell you
his voices smokes with yellow passion
it is an art just like the others

the cheers of the crowd do seem to back him up
their joy and appreciation reiterating
the matador's perfect Veronicas
sorry Mum for dragging your name into this

but the bullring too is familiar in the way
it mixes down-to-earth smells
with sounds up in the clouds 

it is an art he insists
bleeding at the lips
just like the others

olé the crowd agrees olé they approve olé

a familiar world I am simply excluded from
and not just by morals or squeamishness
but my lack of artistic taste
& their sense of fun
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