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Gonzo Graphics - Coeur d'Alene Web Design


Just finished this logo for our newest client

#logo #design #brand
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Are you selling something online? Check out this site we just launched for an author in Sandpoint -
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+Gonzo Graphics - Coeur d'Alene Web Design This could be a good Idaho real estate resource for you... you're invited to join over 260 of your colleagues & affiliates in the Official Google+ Idaho Real Estate Community.
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This is really cool if you like hand drawn #typography +Lisa Congdon is really talented :)
I am so happy to announce my daily project for 2012: 365 Days of Hand Lettering! Today is the first day. The project will be housed here on this blog. Each day for 365 days for the year 2012 I will po...
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Logo concept for a new side project :)
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Here is a selection of some of our work- hope you like it :)
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Smart, effective & affordable design for web and print- We help small businesses present themselves to their customers in a concise, deliberate and cohesive manner.
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