Whats Wrong with Android, Isn't Android!

If I can add to this wonderful perspective on the complaints about Androids fragmentation (link below). My take not as a developer, cause I’m not, but as a user of Android

Aside from being an Android user, I’m also a Linux enthusiast. I’m mentioning this because for me the relevance of the two as it relates to fragmentation has something in common. In the Linux word we have Distro’s, generally speaking many many flavors. These distro’s developers will choose a type of Desktop Managers, UI if you will. There’s KDE, Gnome, XFce, Unity it go’s on and on. In this world of Linux I don’t here the criticism “Linux is fragmented”. Mostly Id say because those who know Linux know Linux is none of them and all of them. Linux is the common underling bond that allows for all these fine environment to exist.

Now let’s look at Android. Google created an open (more or less) OS. As I understand it (correct me If I don’t have this right) this OS is used by phone manufactures, which make changes that they see fitting to their conclusion as what their customer would want. Then they hand this modified Android OS over to the phone carries, who then make there modification to what their conclusion to what the customer wants (actually in their case it’s more like what they want but let this slide for now), leaving the consumers purchasing a very fragmented experience. This isn’t to say all of this is bad. I’ll explain, I own an HTC EVo with HTC’s modified android sense UI. I absolutely LOVE! this phone and the UI. My sister in-law on the other hand recently purchased an android phone from AT&T (wish I could remember the model). Now I’ve been using HTC version of Android for quite a while so I thought I knew Android I couldn't have been more wrong. I picked up my sister-in-laws phone started to navigate, I should say tried to navigate cause this thing (version) was an absolute nightmare (can I say SUCKED). I can’t express how frustrating it was to use as it compared to my EVO. Her experience with Android couldn’t have been any worse; needless to say she owns an iPhone now, to my disheartenment.

Is this truly Google’s Android fault, is the so called Android fragmentation really something Google should/could control. Any more then Linus Torvalds can stop/control someone from creating a really lousy UI for Linux. The fact is Android isn’t fragmented; yes there is different version as is the Linix kernel. Its’ truly the phone manufactures and carriers that are to blame for the state of affairs.

What Id like to see happen, is ALL my favorite Tech journalist, +Leo Laporte are you listening? (if u r Hi) and blogger out there, if your going to evaluate an android phone (or device) you need to refrain from the generic use of the term android (OS) but rather evaluate the UI that the Manurfacture+Carrier have developed. Take a page out of the Linux community we evaluate the benefits of a distro’s, yes the resent kernel benefits but mostly it’s an evaluation of the UI.
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