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Met Lisa again but this time it was 0600.  Josh was also there.  Have not seen him or swam with him in a long time.  It was good to see him.  We all headed out and did the same T route as Monday but went farther on the 2nd part of the T section.  I am full ...

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Met with Lisa Gentile this morning at 0700.  One of her coworkers joined us but forgot his name.  I am getting sick and was tired so I already knew I was not going to be doing so well.  We did just a simple loop going east to the end of the buoys then back ...

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I was gifted a GPS watch that is waterproof last Xmas and decided to try it out.  Apparently it has an pool mode and OW mode.  My daughter is taking a diving class at the nearby pool and as she was in class, I decided to try the watch out. I really liked th...

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Woke up at 0530 and headed to pool nearby.  Early in the morning it is set up for 50 LCM which is great. Took it easy today. 500 500 pull 4 x 100 hard down easy back 100 easy 1500 LCM

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17Jun16 - BACK?
Well I've been SLOWLY getting back into swimming.  The break I took last year really got me into the habit of taking it easy in the mornings and sleeping in.  Once January rolled around, I started going to the pool but only 2-3 times a week with no real ent...

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KEARNS was converted to 25 SCY and that makes me sad. Going to take it easy for awhile.  I have been resting but my left shoulder still has some soreness in it.  I really hope I did not do any real damage. 10 x 50 on :60 Ladders by 50 up to 200 then repeat ...

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Just an easy swim at KEARNS before returning to work today. I can't remember what I did but it was really slow and easy. 2000 LCM

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In Idaho and staying at a cabin near Yellowstone.  There is a lake nearby and decided to test out my shoulders...and emotions.  Good news is that both held up okay.  Left shoulder was a bit sore still but not too bad.  I was happy to be in the water and fel...

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5Aug15 - Tackling Tahoe!
I am finally able to move around well enough to write.  I also needed a few days for my brain to decompress.  Let me start this entry by stating first and foremost that Tahoe is absolutely beautiful.  Not only the lake itself, but the entire geographic area...

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Last training swim before Tahoe.  There was a full moon, actually blue moon tonight and perfectly clear skies.  Josh suggested we get people together for a night swim.  Great idea. I arrived early so I could swim as the sun went down.  It was magnificent se...
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