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Be a Producer Not a Consumer
Be a Producer Not a Consumer

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OMG...ppl can write blog posts on their "streams"? Meaning, your post can be thousands or words long with an end in sight! Is this good or bad?

Sunday Rant Part 1:+Taj Ahmad Quoting his FB status, "Just had a team meeting and thus continuing my rant -- based on my article below, I do agree with Duke's Vivek Wadhwa who states that some of these VCs are creating bubbling ponzi scenarios, making it Christmas everyday, especially with the secondary markets. The real trick is, and where I stand, is to help fund, advise and create start-ups who employ, create, grow and last beyond the exit."

So we're all talking about valuations and fast money nowadays. I know there are VC's out there that are either trying to get in on the ride until their tech companies goes IPO only to cash out!

News travels fast but not fast enough. And it depends who you are. So by the time the company goes IPO, mainstream America is just hearing about LinkedIn, Zynga etc; they end up cashing out and the regular consumer gets screwed! Sure you might make money from the pop, but no average consumer really does that anyways. That's bc we still have conservative fund managers that (until recently have started adding companies like Facebook, Groupons into their investment portfolio) tell their investors to buy and hold. While this bubble might be different than 1999 or 2005, we still have problems to worry about. It's just a different set of issues.

I don't know about you guys but from what I know about the web, is that you can be high and mighty like the once go-to site such as Myspace. Who is to say that there can't be a mass exodus for any web company. Internet users are fickle and technology is "clone-able." The only difference is in scalability. But that can be fixed from a bit of funding :). And when you do get that funding does it now mean you have a real business? Yep, this currently sums up web companies in 2011: Clone it. Get some buzz. Have some technology. Get a superstar Angel to back you up. Then pitch the IPO exit strategy.

It seems like some people are using this as a replacement for Quora. Do we even need Quora then? Remember Google Answers? Is it time to bring that back from the dead? Hehe

Other than G hangout and the photos, what else do ppl do on here? It's basically another social network...I think it's for ppl with Facebook fatigue...and I must admit I do have fb fatigue
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