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Mycroft Holmes
Graffiti existentialist meets bebop/onedrop/hiphop lite pop metallist.
Graffiti existentialist meets bebop/onedrop/hiphop lite pop metallist.

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Totally organic Benedict.. totally paleo. Totally good.

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes!! Ive made it to 42... 4...2... Forty Two.. the bigggg 42...

oh hey wait. I really do have the answer to everything now. :-)

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... :-)

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I had a fantasy once where Juhi Chawla, of Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustan fame, and Aishwarya Rai were scrubbed clean and simmering in a bath of Gulab Jamun...

It was a great dream.

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Hey +Kip any halo while riding a bike? no? now you can look like you do!

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Bienvenidos a la Casa de Holmes. Ven conmigo inmediatamenta por su cena y noche merienda!!!

Buen provecho y Dale!!
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+Nate Cunningham​ this is a smokin deal and will do what you need it to.

It's an exact clone of the Mackie profx16 but cheaper. Mono often just goes to the same manufacturer of an existing product and... :-) love these guys.

Monoprice 615816 16-Channel Audio Mixer with DSP and USB

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Hosanna in excelsis

Or is it hosanna in excel sheets?

Tee hee

For +Eren Mckay​, +TC Johnson+Nate Cunningham+Roy Montero

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I am a Christian Apologist. I've been accused of doing it wrong...

I haven't punched any atheists...

I got out badassed by Santa Claus
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