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To the "most unclubbable men" ... Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you my Diogenes!!!


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Gimme this over Christina Aguilera's version ANYDAY!! The Isaacs - Star Spangled Banner
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Hookah, meat, dogs, salad and Dragon Ball on a plasma screen!!!
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Why did you not invite me??? You know how much I love DB and DBZ

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Roscoe p.Coltrane Holmes is our executive chef. . A bit greedy though!

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Technical difficulties with the chef.

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Marketing Accountability Circle!!!!! OWn a small business? Sukk at Marketing??

Hey folks. I'd like to get regular hangout going of people who:

1) Will study "Get Clients Now" by C.J. Hayden

I'd like for the hangout to meet daily. There's a lot to discuss. We will actually read the chapter aloud and do stuff in the hangout per the book.

I really like the book, well, what I've read thus far. However, marketing is NOT my strength and I suffer from analysis paralysis as a result.

Perhaps knowing that I am meeting fellow sufferers we can turn that around and make marketing our strength?

The only three requirements are:
1) meet regularly, preferably daily for the first week, then perhaps every 3 days- 1 week for the remainder
2) own a small business of any kind: machinist, web designer, realtor, used car lot, the more varied the business, the more likely we have unique stories to share and the possibility of bartering services to another!!!! SAVE MONEY in building your business so you can spend money where you absolutely HAVE to.

3) Do the action items in the book!!! Help create action items for the group!!

4) purchase the book at Amazon as a data file so it can be readily accessed

This has, depending on the level of participation, the potential to be the most important thing you do for the business!!! 

What this isn't!!!: 

1)BNI group of lead seekers. We are outward focused SOLELY. No selling of any kind.

2) Time wasting. Read the assigned material and be accountable. Be prepared

So that's it. Want in? Post here.
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At Cigar bar celebrating life free of installing Linux on an old tired but happy the ordeal is over.

I'm smoking a Fuente 770. 7 inches of 70 ring gauge. Life is good.

Not pictured.. balvenie single malt scotch port wood... life is good when ya don't have to bitch about a 20 dollar pour!!!

Happy 4 days of being off work

PS: To those so inclined, it's Resurrection weekend. Good Friday thru Easter Sunday (monday). Happy Easter.

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Mycroft Holmes aka Son Goku at the Kame House 
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Wanna. Have. Now. too :-) :-)

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Forget the Flintstones.. meet the Holmes' family.
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LOVE IT! Especially that it is based in a rock garden!

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Getting ready for an exciting day.
I love my life. I smoke hookah at work. Watch markets, preach the gospel, do internal martial arts, watch kung fu movies and play with my dogs. And workout too.

No hostile work environ here.

Allergies suck.. but hey there's ephedrine, Yerba mate and allegro for that. Plus all the awesome supplements I take.

I couldn't do what I do without them.

Cheers folks!!


All bandwidth, all the timw
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Basic Information
Graffiti existentialist meets bebop/onedrop/hiphop lite pop metallist.
Here from the very beginning of G+ Like almost day 1. Original hangout guy. 

Nerd/geek when it was painful, not chic. :-) I earned my position in nerddom.

What do I like/What circles should you put me in.

folk harmony music
English Lit
East Asian Languages, BeginnerGerman/Swiss, Spanish
Applied game theory
Building musical instruments, namely guitars and bagpipes

Religion: Ahhh here's a story. Simply put, I believe in the Gospel but I don't see myself as the typical televangelist type. To me being a Christian is more about feeding the poor, finding novel ways to house the homeless, educating children in math, science and literature, and protecting the environment and its animal and plant life; how this particular _mainline Protestant_ with and admiration for Catholic/Jesuit teachings can do my part to get that done.

I suspect I would be Catholic if it weren't for sola ecclesia/papal infallibility. Popes have been all too fallible as of late, though I really dug Pope John Paul II. I'd BE Anglican but unfortunately they have done some fairly non-biblical things. Consider me a C.S. Lewis type Anglican.. before all of the strangeness of the last 30 years!!

Google Plus is far too polemic.. too conservative or too liberal. I look for a middle way. Tolerance, but don't shove your issues in my face. I don't really ever want to hear about them. Hate one gender or the other? Don't circle me. _Hate_ one religion or another or all of them? Please don't circle me. I will offend you, and rather purposely too. :-))

I am a middle of the road Christian apologist. What does that mean?

That means I believe that the Bible is a spiritual book, not a science textbook. I believe the methods of writing in the bible are purposeful and have meaning. The Bible is literature as well as history and yes, spiritual tome.

It also means I don't discuss religion any longer with atheists in Hangouts. It was fun while it lasted, but I've said what I needed to say and now have moved on to other things. Cheers! BTW: If a person makes former speaker Nancy Pelosi seem conservative, then you have moved too far to the left. Likewise, if you make Rush Limbaugh seem like a rainbow flag waving, my little pony liberal....neither should circle me.

I will be doing a series of yootoob vids on various apologetic topics and am willing to debate, with a moderator or panel of judges in a venue about a predetermined topic.  

I'm a musician, future youtube video maker about a variety of topics. That's me in a nutshell.

Notice I've carefully avoided talking about what I actually do for a living. This is calculated. Google Plus is, sadly, broke. Lot of poor people on G+ So I try and avoid any conversations about money.

So sorry for the TL:DR writing. If you've made it this far you probably SHOULD circle me. You are likely patient, kind, and talented. I like THOSE kinds of people. 

Warmest Regards, 

Mycroft Holmes

PS: I am crazy about animals. Michael Vick and anyone else who dog fight/torture dogs need to die. Anyone who would torture a helpless animal for sport/profit is anathema to me, to God and all that is holy. Anyone caught doing this would get  particularly stiff sentence in most states. Rap stars and ball players, because they make too much money, get a different, more lenient type of justice. Anyone who supports this lifestyle in anyway deserves to go to _HELL_, sent there by hanging in the public square, Texas style!!! If you don't agree, pass on by. Don't circle me.

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