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Lance Conway
"Logic" the mascot Active Atom LLC.
"Logic" the mascot Active Atom LLC.

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We changed our name, we are now Active Atom LLC. and our website address is Logic will stay alive as well as we continue our mission creating a machine shop from a home while still living in it.

Viper Logic added 3 phase 400 amp service to our home business for our current machine shop to make bigger machined parts. This is a really great day. Next up HAAS machine or 2 coming in late 2017.

We are now located at 57475 Aviation Drive in Yucca Valley, CA. This is in the Mojave Desert of California. 

Updating Viper Logic website for a new product release.

Adding Geology as it has been a passion of mine since childhood.Should obtain great regional Upper Desert Mojave in a few short years. Living in Yucca Valley allows for the easier study of topography as I am taking Engineering Geology. This is really fun stuff.  
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