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"The Last World" chapter 3 release!

Basically the smug Gundam Mark Three (Superior Dragon - Musha Gundam Mark Three's descendent) come in to save the day?

My rough translation as follows.


Blue Gunvoy came to investigate this world having detected the anomaly. Signs of battle led him to Iogi where saw the giant Alex.

Giant Alex is still on a destructive rampage with Divine Knight Wing trying to fight him. Ninja Exia and Zakuto join in to help Wing but the Giant Alex cannot be stopped.

"", words come from Alex in the midst of battle.

Alex who managed to regain that tiny bit of his own will felt that he cannot control this overwhelming power thus asked to be destroyed. In answer Wing went forward with his Sword of Divine Flame followed by Exia and Zakuto with their Sure-Kill Techniques.

But then a new guy comes in.

"Feh, don't even have a Giant form, scram you losers. This G Soul is mine!!"

Clad in white armor, this person is Gundam Mark Three.

"Drag Spirit!!"
With that cry a dragon motif divine instrument appears. It separates and wraps around Mark Three turning him into a dragon faced demon beast.

Blue Gunvoy sensing that a big battle is coming starts to distance his current position. He spotted Exia and Zakuto while moving.

"Oi, staying here is not a good thing. I've got my investigating to do, can't die. So I'll be on my way first"
"Hey you, do you know something?"
From the words of Blue Gunvoy, Zakuto approach him thinking he may have some answers.

"If that new guy can turn Giant...maybe, if it comes to that, what will happen to this world...."
"All the more we should not escape, Sir Zakuto!!"
With a renewed purpose to fight, Exia and Zakuto stood in fighting stance. Blue Gunvoy seeing that threw away the thought of running.

Meanwhile, Mark Three attacks Alex.
Though in a smaller Subgiant form, Mark Three is able to stand up to the Giant Alex.
Its as if its easy pickings for Mark Three, "That power that you can not use, I will receive it!".

With those words Mark Three advanced to Giant form.

"That form...the second coming of the tragedy of Tocho..."

Mark Three managed to pin down Alex. Eventually the madly raging Alex being unable to escape the hold of Mark Three turns into G Soul and gets absorbed by Mark Three.

Exia's group is stunned at the power of Mark Three. Mark Three turn to them, the tension goes up.
But, "I don't want G Souls of weaklings that can't attain Giant form"
With that said Mark Three went off.

With the battle ended Wing disappeared to search for Relena.
Blue Gunvoy ran off to continue his investigations.
Having seen the power that can be gained from collecting G Soul Exia wondered if Zakuto and he will one day be in a fight to obtain G Soul? Exia looks to Zakuto, Zakuto looks back as if peering into Exia's mind. Neither spoke a word but they each understood their resolution.

As the storm dies down a cheerful guy appears.
"Iya~, The Country of Pegasus has it bad. Anyway just eat this and be happy. The blue brother was praising it earlier too."
Suddenly the guy gave them takoyaki.

"I am Muchamaru"

Knowing that in this world theres still people living peacefully without partaking in combat calms Exia.

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Okay heres the unboxing post!

After tearing off the "Pockey" strap the outer box opens to reveal the true box.
Nope theres no gold foil details on the true box, just a matte color print.

The true box opens with the card binder on top, now theres the gold foil details, very nice! Below is a tray of sorts with the cards packed in 2 plastic wraps. When you lift the card tray you'll find the booklet.

Overall the boxset doesn't give me the premium feel, I guess the premium price is due to the limited quantity?

Anyway I took pictures of everything in the boxset.
All in the album below.

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It arrived!
My first ever purchase from P-Bandai.
Will do an unbox post later when I have time.

The box is smaller than I thought it would be :P

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Is it possible to add a navbar button to bring down the notification panel?
I tried the "Notification" action under Keycode but it does nothing.

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IBO X Majin Eiyuuden Wataru
by @nama0130

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Cool new year art by @mutaguti2
Happy 2017!

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A prototype of BB403 Mark Three Daishogun by @DoktorTriton

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So it has been 20 years...

Been seeing 20th anniversary posts of Bushin Kirahagane on Twitter so I brought Shiryuou out for a picture :P

Its a rough straight build as I wasn't any pro back in those days.
Haven't seen the Kirahagane technique in kits nowadays.


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What should I do after a theme updates from the Play Store?
Uninstall overlays and return to system theme then build and apply the theme again? 
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