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living a bland life
living a bland life


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A shout out to those looking to lock the cursor to a single monitor in a dual monitor setup.

This one works for me.
Its old but it works on my Windows 10 PC.

Was using Dual Monitor Tools before but its not working anymore.

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Gundam Ace 15 Anniversary X Gundam Games 30 Anniversary Special Project

Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis
The time is UC0089 after the Gryps war, a new story is about to begin for Mashiro Oaks due to a cetain incident that arose after the end of the Haman conflict--..

The manga will start August 26th in the October 2017 issue of Gundam Ace. An "Episode 0" event is available in the social game Super Gundam Royal.

(Theres an SD form of an original Gundam type for this work in the link)

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New Gundam unit from Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis, a Gundam Ace 15 Anniversary X Gundam Games 30 Anniversary Special Project.

SD form for the Super Gundam Royal social game.


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Seems like 10 July is the Day of the Knight?

Let me post some old photos of my 英雄伝 gashapons :P
7 Photos - View album

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Got myself a copy via Amazon Japan!

Flipping through it I find it a good book featuring many design works from BB Senshi boxart, illustrations to Build Fighters design to Carddas art to early designs of different series via the different creators who contributed to the SD Gundam world.

Its kind of a behind the scenes look into the SD Gundam world.

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New Takara Tomy multi-media project
Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion

The designs look good but the toys looks bad:

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A recent Tamashii Nations livestream covering SDX Divine Knight Wing, SDX Sun Knight God, Ganso SD Kikoushin 5 piece set and Ganso SD Chaosgaiyer.

They talked a bit on past big Ganso kits and how expensive the Kikoushin 5 piece set is going to be.

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Nice art from @mayata009
Godmaru and best friend Haganemaru.

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Looks like there will be a third book on Sangokuden.
(via @apron_person)
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