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When creating potions I had an issue with drugs becoming too severe. I found that in addition to using the fractal rule I could also pre-determine the possible consequences.
Name: Dizzying flowpot stew
Attack physique +3
Resist antidote +2
Stress: 1 2 3

Consequences: Mild=> The user suffers mild fever and occasional hallucinations. Moderate=> The user needs to lie down. Suffers violent hallucinations.
Severe=> None. Taken out=> This isn't a lethal drug.

Behavior: This drug attacks the user once per hour. When antidote is administrated the effect is resolved as a Conflict.

Thoughts on pre-determined consequences for an Attack based on drug, weapon, method? How far could you take this?

The players encounter a huge Krull-like demon with the aspect "You are no match against my speed and strength".

Is it reasonable to open up before the conflict with a compel against each character, forcing them to either pay a FP before continuing to the Conflict or receive a FP by getting their asses kicked?

My issue is that I can imagine our wizard answering "Yeah? So what?" and still refuse to get his ass kicked. (he uses magic after all and why would he care about speed and strength)

I think the solution is to offer a FP and let the players decide for themselves but if they still choose to to take the FP they don't need to pay an FP to avoid getting defeated by the demon. Instead the GM gets a FP to use for demonic invokes during the Conflict.

How do you deal with this situation?

It has taken me some time to shift mind set from d20 game styles to FATE but it sure is exciting. The details around Create Advantage and Overcome still are eluding me, so here's a statement to be scrutinized by you my fellow FATErs so I may be enlightened:

When you Create Advantage your Aspect is successfully created iff your roll+skill-hostile compels and consequences >0.
When the Aspect is create it takes the form of a 4-tuple: [1. Text describing the aspect, 2. passive opposition to overcome the aspect, 3. number of free invokes the creator has, 4. number of invokes, using FP or free invokes, before the aspect disappears].

The passive opposition for 2 is the total result of the roll. Overcoming the aspect might dissolve it completely or, if the aspect acts as a barrier, allow for someone to temporarily ignore it for his next action (the aspect is then still a delay in a conflict). When creating this exception by Overcoming, who does it benefits? And will the Advantage remain as a situation aspect for all other players? Will it depend on the approach taken for Overcoming the aspect?

Example: A mage casts a "sea of Fire" and gets a free invoke. The aspect acts as a barrier with a passive opposition of 3 (roll+skill). The hero will want to avoid the mage to get his +2 bonus so he tries to overcome the barrier with "I advance over the field of nasty flames caused by the magician" and use Athletics to Overcome 3. Once this is done the Aspect still remains for other players but for the Player who overcame the aspect the mage can't get any +2 bonus from the free invoke).

Next a player uses a "Bucket of water" to Fight Fire with Water (a skill he just invented and thus have 0 skill points in), but none the less can use a FP to invoke the "Bucket of water" to roll with a +2 bonus. He hits the "sea of Fire" with a 3 (a tie) and manage to reduce the "sea of Fire" (for all players) to a "hot vapor" which disappears (for all players) after one invoke (a strategic element; who will take the invoke?).

Rule question: Character have 4 stress boxes, one mild and one moderate consequence and is hit by 5 stress. Do you
1. Allow for the character to take either mild or moderate and they the rest in a stress box hit
2. Always take the highest available consequence as payment, in this case moderate, and pay the rest in stress.
3. Give the poor character a severe consequence.

Are you allowed to change skill in a conflict? For instance: Can I alternate with Fight and Provoke? Or is it possible to skip the defense bonus if I chose to counter by creating an advantage instead?

Could you please share your best examples of a competitive conflict which ended in a good narrative?

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