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Christopher 'Vulpine' Kalley

It's Monday again.  Back on call.  Also frustrated, sad and in general wishing I could vanish for a while.  Oh well, no vanishing allowed.

@ubuntu VMs updated, new switch installed, Bad movies watched.  Productive Friday night.  Soon sleep.

Home sweet home, now watching 'Dead Sea'.  The world needs more sea monster movies.

Gmail just marked a reponse from Google+ as spam.  Isn't that a case of shooting yourself in the foot ?

Found out new boss is a Mt Dew fan.  A plus.

Thank Cthulhu it's Friday.  So ready for this week to be over, and to have time tonight to veg without having to worry about time.

Antisocialness/dislike of my fellow hominids hitting new levels. Definitely wishing I could stay home and order everything in. ‪#‎solocultist‬

Please note, if you can read this, you don't're a higher level of hominid. The likable, not feeding to Cthulhu kind.

Ugg. Hate when I bash my head against a software issue...then find out I'm working on a different version of the OS with different software.

I seem to have given myself a new project. Learn enough Enochian to tell knock knock jokes. ‪#‎Ihaveweirdgoalsinlife‬

To improve a day of meh, I have invested in large amounts of chicken. nom nom nom
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