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Four weeks into the new work, new sleep schedule, new life patterns, and I feel alive as I never was before. I took up my copy of the Arkham House Dagon from my birth year, and the stories are striking vivid tones that my adolescent eyes never sounded. And then, in my wanderings in Youtube, I found this - an old recording, and this is by far not the best rip of it (though it looks like it has been made available new)...but I first found this on a vinyl record at the Ball State Library, and listened to it on a borrowed turntable from the odd fellow who operated White Rabbit Books. I am taken back, and calmed, and hurled into the infinite spaces.

I am returned.
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Typed up my Indalo Game Quickstart Rules on ye olde Alphasmart...then realized the cord wasn't where I thought it was.

Then realized the cord wasn't in any of the boxes I thought it might be in.

Then realized that no one sells printer serial cables in person anymore. we're retyping...

+Josh Bernardin, yaaaaargh.
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Quick question if anyone knows and/or is able to parse it out of the Kickstarter page - does the regular retail distribution edition have the drilled tabs?

Thanks to Dumpster Fire 2016 I spent all my money moving d5+1 times instead of backing my favorite RPG, but 2017 is a new year! For new gaming!

Greetings, Ryuutama folks! I've been following this game and playing around with it since the english preview draft hit my hands, and I have one possibly silly question to ask:

Has anyone swapped out the polyhedral dice for d6 only? Changing d4=d6-2/d8=d6+2 seems like it would be pretty straightforward, but does that blow anything up? Most of my play has been little quickie things, haven't had a chance for a full game yet.

Good evening, my fellow Envoys and Masters of the Chilling Crypts. I have a question to put to you!

I have Pacesetter Chill, Cryptworld, and Chill 3e. I really, really like quite a lot about 3e...but I love the Action Table system.

You can't do a straight read over, because 3e eliminates the (Moderate) result from the charts. would you do it? I can see a breakdown like this:

S/L = Low Success
M/H = High Success
C = Colossal.
Fail = Fail
Doubles Fail=Botch

This dose lose some of the gradation, but doesn't require changing anything in the 3e game.

Thoughts on this esoterica?

My beloved wife is going to get me +Scott Mathis Transylvanian Adventures in hard copy from Lulu. I seek opinions of hardcover vs softcover, if you have any.

+Noah Stevens has been running some sessions, and I am impressed.

Dear DCCRPG, I am sorry for doubting you in the void between Zocchi dice production. All the funky dice you need can be easily simulated by a throw of standard dice. I have let my love of robust things cloud my faith, Amen.

Now roll d16 times on this 3d30 table to determine penance.

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Tonight, round about 7 PM EST (GMT -5) I propose to run a World of Dungeons adventure in the interplanar tripscape of Dis!

Seeking 1-3 additional adventurers to try steel and silver against the fickle whims of fate and poorly judged puns, filtered through 1970s fantasy comic psychedelia. Also, there will be dancing girls and demon elephants.

If you are interested, simply grab ye a copy of World of Dungeons here:

+Noah Stevens I invoke and conjure thee by the Zocchihedra now languishing in the dice crypt!

Hey there folk!

Got a spare evening today, and wanted to offer some CoC this evening, around 9ish EST? Call or Trail, a folks preferer, probably with one of Mr. Walmsley's Purist Trail Scenarios or something out of the Lovecraft country books.


Judge on the floor. Ping me for pickup DCC and shenanigans. #Gencon
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