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1960's poster to promote Greece.

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Esplanade, the history of the largest square in the Balkans
Unique in Greece for the size and beauty of the favorite square of Corfu, which has always played a big role in the history of Corfu .The creation of not due to aesthetics or urban planning, defense and other military tactics of Eneton.I shaping It was to present broad scope and visibility for the defenders to Citadel (Old Fort) and enough distance between between the fort and the city. (English Below)
This area began to take shape from the Venetians in 1516 and created the square with the first form. But first introduced more accurate limits, expanding the free space that existed before and prohibiting reconstruction, was Michele Sam-micheli 1537. The final configuration of the square by extending again the limits kaona j demolition of all buildings that existed in this area became the 1628. At various engravings 16 th and 17 th century very distinguished features the open space of the square.
The rules of the then ochyromatiis art, to ensure the defense of the fortress, not allowed to build the area forward from it within striking distance rifle. Furthermore the streets (narrow streets) leading to Square, the building of the Ionian Academy until Palaces, are normal to it. For these reasons the defense gained Corfu this lovely square, otherwise will cover this space from the labyrinth of the old city of Kaduna.
The small avenue Gen. Victor Dousmani, leading to the entrance of the fort, Spianada separates into two parts. The North called Lower Esplanade Square or George I and the southern Upper Esplanade Square or Union which is the largest. The extent of both squares is 42000 square meter and the circumference of 950 m. Approx.
T'onoma Esplanade came from the Italian spianare, meaning flatten and because for defense reasons mentioned katedafistikan all the buildings that existed there and leveled every hill or uneven surface, became the square flat (spianata), with time however the residents with a corruption introduced called Esplanade.
Finalized began to take the square in the early 19 th century, while the final in the early 20 th century when it was reconstructed at the expense of the legacy Napoleon Zambeli then constructed and the pavilion of concerts the familiar PALKO Music in which teleite night M. Saturday the Resurrection, a sight unique, spectacular and certainly unique.
The incomparable and this famous square is now the heart and soul of the city. Is the space that have depicted centuries famous painters and engravers. Greeks and foreigners, and written so much by historians, travelers and ordinary travelers. Characteristic is the anecdote that many attribute to the Salmon, who walked one morning at Esplanade and met a grotesquely ugly man. Then unnecessarily turned and slapped him because he said the ugliness destroyed the beauty of the environment ... In this unique square are all public events and collect the daily movement of residents and visitors to the island.
The information in this article is from the book by George Ch. Sourtzinou "TOPONYM, Linguistic Evidence in History of Corfu", from the Historical -Laografiki Corfu Company
Research Edited by John Motsenigos
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