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That moment when you get back to the most retarded and fake online news. What the fuck would his son want revenge for? Dying of kidney failure? Dumb fucks... At least these ignorant idiots make themselves easy to spot ...

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That moment when you finally come across something real & truthful online. 

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I can't understand why anyone would be surprised. America was built on lies, theft, murder and racism. We cherish the values of freedom loving slave owners. White racist hypocrite Christians have been destroying this country and the world for years. Now one of the worst is President, and the only reason he won is because he's openly racist. Hypocrisy is as American as apple pie. His whole motto, "Make America Great Again" is just code for "take shit for ourselves and fuck everybody else."

To really make America great again requires going back in time before the real problem immigrants set foot here. If Native Americans had built walls and implemented travel bans, America wouldn't need fixing now. It would be great without racist idiots and police, killing, stealing and oppressing. It's not a secret who fucked America up in the first place, and it damn sure wasn't Blacks, Mexicans or Muslims. But they're the ones getting the blame for it.

Of course hypocrisy is going to thrive when you grant yourself immunity from all wrong doing. Must be nice to ignore all of your crimes while judging, blaming and punishing everyone else.

The fact that Religion is the cause of 85% of the worlds problems and we treat with respect and importance lets you know we aren't serious about changing the world for better. But we sure as hell love pretending we are. 

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So the person involved in the actual act of terrorism is the hero? lol. Wow. He doesn't know the difference between terrorism and defending ones self. We just handed the the country to someone who's never even read the Constitution. That's like handing car keys to a kid who can't drive stick on the freeway in rush hour.

America is full of dumb shits. Thanks to them, 1 of the biggest will fuck the country. He committed treason & violated his oath in just the first 2 weeks. lol. Just wow! And there's 4 years to go.

He say's the US looks so dumb. Not as dumb as we will with your ass being President, you super stupid dumb shit.

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The first thing any PRO SE needs to learn is not call themselves PRO SE. If you present yourself as Pro se in court, you have no right to cry that your treated as one.

Pro se litigants are attorney's (or equivalent) who act on their own behalf. Anyone deemed to already know the rules and laws of the court is not entitled to special treatment.

You think the court treated you unfairly, when in reality, you were treated as Pro se. It's not the courts fault if your not who you claim to be. They don't check credentials. You either are or your not.

If you claim to be a pilot and the plane is going down, is it the planes fault for crashing if you can't fly?

If your in court defending yourself, it's in Propria persona. Not Pro se, or Pro per. If your not even sure who you are, don't expect to win. Also, if you don't understand something then you need to speak up.

While it's true some Judges don't like it when someone defends themselves, it's your right. What they don't like are all the ignorant people who act like they know the law and don't. Then they cry and complain it's unfair because they don't get it, or misunderstand law cause they only read parts of codes and cases.

If you don't know what your doing then you better take the time to learn and get it right. If it's a criminal case the court can't move against you until you understand everything. It's why they ask if you understand.
And anyone who doesn't know these things damn sure shouldn't be trying to teach others anything. Ignorance helps no one.

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The truth about all those pesky terrorists... enjoy!
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