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Lindsley Year in Review 2015
January: We started the year by spending the night in Salt Lake City as per the yuzhe. March: Rebekah helped to fundraise for the new UVU Arts building by joining the “Student 2 Student for the Arts” campaign and running donation booths around campus for tw...

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Quotes from Tonight's Game Night #2
"I forgot how to play" "You hit A." "They really went to town on this DLC....Hyrule Town that is!" "Steven hates all babies." "You hear that? You have to hit the baby." "Eat boomerrang!" "Stupid blooper!" "Ah! Bats!" "A need-based grant is, 'Give us all the...

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Lindsley Year in Review: 2014
THE FOLLOWING IS A SLIGHTLY UNEMOTIONAL LIST OF EVENTS THAT HAPPENED IN OUR LIVES IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2014. ...As told by Rebekah, who is the main author of this blog. JANUARY 2014: Rebekah was paid to sing for a recording studio, which was a first. Our...

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20 Things We Wish We'd Known
Too often in our young naive dating life we thought that "getting to know someone" meant knowing their favorite food, color,  sport, past-time... All the silly surface-level stuff that comes out in the first few dates. As many young RM's embark on the world...
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