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Mackenzie Fogelson
Founder & CEO of Genuinely. Writer for Moz. Featured Speaker at MozCon, SearchLove, and other top industry conferences. Firm and passionate believer in user experience and the building of community.
Founder & CEO of Genuinely. Writer for Moz. Featured Speaker at MozCon, SearchLove, and other top industry conferences. Firm and passionate believer in user experience and the building of community.


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Suggested reads on strategy from the +Genuinely team
Strategy is so necessary and yet it's also so tough at many stages. Here's some great reads from the +Genuinely team on all things strategy.

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Mack Web is now Genuinely
I couldn't be more proud to announce that Mack Web is now Genuinely.

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The Importance of Building a Human and Authentic Brand
Our world has changed and so have consumers. People expect a great deal from companies and brands which is why it has never been more important that businesses build authentically.

Just recently, I had the honor of speaking with +Nathalie Nahai about the importance of building a human and authentic brand. In this 30 min podcast, you'll learn that:

In the podcast you’ll learn that:

- consumers prefer authenticity over utility,
- authenticity is about building trust,
- marketing is about conversation (not broadcasting messages),
- and building relationships with customers is imperative.


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7 Steps to AUTHENTIC Influencer Marketing
New on the +Mack Web blog is a 3 part guide to doing influencer outreach and marketing effectively and authentically so that you can build your brand and community. This resource will help you:

[1] Identify the right influencers for your brand 
[2] Understand how to effectively pitch them
[3] Build a relationship ongoing that will help you reach the goals for your brand

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Why Content Strategy Isn't Enough
Today on +Moz comes all kinds of good stuff about the importance of building a purposeful brand. If companies want to connect and build trust with their customers, this is no longer an approach, but a requirement:

"As we continue to lose the ability to organically reach an audience on search and social, as technology increases the opportunity for people to block advertisements, and as avenues for connecting with customers increasingly become more digital, we must build brands so compelling and human that they transcend technology. We must become so real and relatable and true and trustworthy that customers don't wait for you to come to them, they go looking for you."

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7 Steps to Authentic Influencer Marketing - Part One
In a new series on the +Mack Web blog, +Ayelet Golz will guide you through 7 steps to identifying, authentically engaging with, and fostering influencer relationships so that you can talk to the right audience, build brand awareness, and grow your community.

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Why (and how) we Traded Performance Reviews for a Peer Feedback System
For some time, traditional performance reviews have been naturally making themselves obsolete as our culture and ways of working have evolved. Here is the structure, benefits, and how we're evolving our peer feedback system to improve our team and our company.

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How Meditation (and Mindfulness) Taught me to Slow Things Down
People often ask me how I handle growing a business, being a mom, and having sanity. Over the last couple years, I've been practicing meditation which has taught me how to be mindful and soak up all the good stuff I have going on in my life. Here's how it's taught me to slow things down.

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Learn to Prioritize with this month's Nuggets of Knowledge
The Aug #NOKlist  is out and our team has picks that all have to do with how things work together. My pick from Flexible Boss teaches an important hack for priorities and how you can learn to say no by saying yes.

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Guide to Ecommerce SEO
A very useful guide on Ecommerce SEO from the smart +Geoff Kenyon
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