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A Conversation That Changed My Life
I usually post tech things on my blog but before being a technologist, I'm actually a human and occasionally experience something worth sharing. And so, an anecdote... In the fall of 2013 I found myself exploring new career opportunities.  At the time, my n...

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Non-Production Environments: Anti-Patterns
Introduction We all know that clean, separated environments are critical for developing and testing our software.  And yet somehow we tend to get it wrong, often.  The Continuous Delivery movement puts this at the forefront of its concerns, which is great. ...

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Dig a Little Deeper
Be sure to separate symptoms of a problem from the problem
itself.   This can sometimes be harder
than it seems.   Sometimes the problem is
a few layers below the surface.   For
example, assume you get the following issue reports and feature requests: 1.   ...

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A Response to the Reactive Manifesto
The Reactive Manifesto published by Typesafe is getting a great deal of attention in the Scala community.  A new version was posted yesterday and I could not help but reply with criticism that has been bothering me for some time.  The Reactive Manifesto app...

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Build upon rock by focusing on the underlying business need before jumping into a solution...

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Build Upon Rock: Understand the Business Need
Because software developers are in the business of delivering solutions our thinking and discussions with business owners tend to be solution-oriented. It’s not uncommon to hear things like this from business owners: “I really need a new column added to th...
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