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At the end of March I've visited Sweden and Finland, to see partial phases of solar eclipse. Weather was fine - albeit cold - during all days of the trip... Except of a day of the Eclipse :) Still, I was able to see the Sun crescent, though it was better to see it in Moscow. Well, you can never be 100% sure, where exactly should you go to see this celestial event rather than clouds - but it's uncertainty that makes eclipse chasing so intriguing :)
Helsinki, Stockholm, Solar Eclipse, 2015-03
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Trip to Kaliningrad and to Curonian Spit

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Kaliningrad region, 2014-10
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Friends, yesterday FDA banned 23andme DNA testing. DNA testing is a cornerstone for personalized medicine, which will help us prevent many dreadful diseases, which will help us live longer. And DNA testing is cheap... Er... It WAS cheap. But likely it will become much less affordable - FDA says it's not against personal DNA testing, it's against unreliable interpretations of the results, but it banned testing, not certain interpretations. So it's likely you'll not be able to order DNA testing yourself, you'll have to ask your doctor. That costs money, your doctor will decide, what you should know about YOURSELF, and what should not, he can even refuse to do DNA analysis. If you don't like this situation, please, sign the petitions to revert the ban, at
and at

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   Friends, note that Google finally offers custom - well, semi-custom -URLs for your Google+ pages. In most cases you'll be notified by a blue banner at the top of your page, but looks like there were some eligible people, that wasn't.
   If it's the case - I mean, you have ten or more friends as well as avatar pic uploaded, but miss your notification, you should probably visit your settings page, it is possible to claim custom URL there.
   But you can't choose "custom" URL yourself, it'll be offered by Google, based on your name and surname. Actually there are many people bearing the same name and surname, so you should be quick :) Probably Google offer will not be here forever, or maybe the same URL is even offered to different people simultaneously. 
  Theoretically it is possible to ask Google about another, truly custom alias, but in my case it wasn't possible - "Renat" looks like a reserved word, probably because it's too short. So I accepted Google's initial offer, and now it is possible to visit my blog by simply opening this short and nice link:

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Friends, hope many of you've heard about Calico, a new company, created by Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as Apple's Art Levinson. A company that is going to fight aging itself. Despite the fact that there are plenty of work being done yet to achieve radical life extension, such backers can greatly speed up things, and their influence can stretch far beyond their own companies and projects. They can convince major part of society to join that movement to extend human life greatly. That's extremely important now, as it can potentially save millions of lives. So - congratulations to all of you!

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#earthquake  in Moscow! Well, not full-scale earthquake, happily, just echo from Sea of Okhotsk event - magnitude 8.2, distance - more than 7000 kilometers away. You can clearly see big red circle at IRIS Seismic monitor - that's it! Despite the fact it was powerful earthquake, there is no information about inquired to date - hope no one is affected seriously thanks to offshore location of epicenter. And I hope there will be no tsunami!

And here in Moscow it couldn't produce massive destruction, just small shakes of buildings and furniture. It's the second such "echo" I faced - first time it was more than 20 years ago, when I was a child about 6 years old.

Friends, what do you think about G+ brand-new look and feel? Are you satisfied with that two columns, or switched to one-column layout already?

#RussianMeteor – some clarifications.

Today many of my foreign friends asked me about meteorite strike in Chelyabinsk today, so I decided to put some information here, looks like there is interest in it.

First of all, there is not so much in common between today's event and Tunguska event – yes, both of them took place in Russia, in both cases we had air explosions, but that's pretty much all. Happily Chelyabinsk's blast wasn't nearly as powerful as Tunguska's. Today we had something like 10-20 kiloton explosion (as least powerful atomic bomb), and it was high in the air, so shock wave wasn't as dreadful as it could be. And in Tunguska we had 30 – 50 megaton blast – as if most powerful hydrogen bomb was exploded there. And, of course, it should be much easier to understand nature of Chelyabinsk's explosion – we have plenty material to analyze. And we don't know for sure, what exploded in Tunguska more than a century ago – was it an asteroid, a small comet, or maybe something else?

Second, looks like Chelyabinsk's meteorite had nothing in common with 2012 DA14 asteroid flying near us right now. Trajectories was way too different to assume that meteorite was 2012 DA14's remnant. Just coincidence.

And last – many people wondered, why so much Russian drivers drive with video cams enabled. There were plenty of different assumptions – they say that it is required by law in Russia, they say that all cars here are pre-equipped with cameras, they say that installed camera will reduce your insurance expenses. Actually non of this statements are true – except, partially, the last one. Yes, this is special car cameras (so called 'video registrars'), but you should buy it and install it on your own. Plenty of people in Russia do this, because way too often only video can prove your innocence in case of car crash. Of course, that can reduce your insurance expenses, as it would be more cheap to insure your car in case you had no road accidents you were guilt of.
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