Google+ Engagement is Down and Not by a Little!

This is the third time I am saying this, but this time, I actually verified my claim. I have been saying for months that Google+ will take off and become a leading social player over the next few years. I am no longer sure about that.

Over the past few months, engagement (+1s, Comments, Shares) is drastically down. I did not change the type of content I am sharing, the frequency at which I share it, or anything else that would cause this decrease.

Engagement is down and there is absolutely no question about it. If I had to name a day that this change happened, I would say it was the day the new design launched.

I wonder what the Google+ team has to say about this or if their metrics show this decrease, but in my experience, it is definitely real and it is game-changing for me.

I hope whatever caused this change is rectified asap because I loved the engagement I experienced here prior to the change.
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