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Listen to YOUR Voice: The ‘End’ of Blogging
Ever since the shooting on 12
June 2016 at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, I’ve had difficulty penning
a blog post. I’ve sat down to write one many times, but I didn’t know what to
say. Actually, I knew what I wanted to say. I wasn’t sure I had the ...
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Why I'm Consciously Unplugging from Social Media
The secret is out. Actually, it's not a
secret. We've all seen the impact the internet, and consequently
social media, has had on almost every aspect of our lives. Most
people have embraced social media while others have refused to go
near it. I was, for th...
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Warning: “Doing It All” Can Kill
Maybe not kill ,
but it can definitely maim the spirit, bring you down. That's
what happened to me. I just didn't know it
until this morning, waking up to grey skies and damp streets, and
feeling a bit humdrum about the day ahead. But by the time I ventured...
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8 Days that Changed My Life
The Crash Disk
Boot Failure ― Insert
System Disk And Press ENTER. The
shock incontrovertible, the panic thumped in my chest and, for the
first time in about ten years, I took the name of the Lord in vain. I
didn't have a system disk to insert, but I pressed...
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Reclaiming My Day-to-Day
It happened. Not the way I wanted it to, not the way I imagined. Not only against
my will but in spite of it. At every turn I resisted, yet resistance
was futile because it had to happen. And it did, happen ,
in a way that shook me to the core. Everything I...
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A Soft Reset
I’m not the biggest TV
enthusiast. When I was twenty-one and living in France, I didn’t watch TV for
the entire year (1994-1995) that I was there. That changed how I saw
television, changed how I lived . And
for the three and a half years (2010-2013) I live...
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The Power of Doubt
The calendar may say it’s March,
but here in Toronto it feels like spring. There are patches of snow on the
ground, but most of it has melted away. We’re moving forward, moving closer to the real spring season (Daylight Savings Time
kicks in this Sunday), a...
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Be in the Now
2016 started with a bang. The day after I landed back in Toronto from Beijing, I was in extreme pain. A Sunday, and I sat quietly on the sofa watching TV with my partner while the whole left side of my face throbbed. By suppertime, I couldn’t take the pain ...
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Be Daring! Be Bold!
Happy New Year! My hope for 2016 is that it will be, one more time , a  Year of Selfishness *  (much like it was for 2015) .
I will acknowledge what it is that I want to achieve and go after it. I will be
courageous, daring, bold. I will, selfishly ,
put my...
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